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Who is the protagonist of Thor in episode 1x07 of Marvel's What If?

Who is the protagonist of Thor in episode 1×07 of Marvel’s What If?

MADRID, Sept. 21 (CulturaOcio) –

Episode 7What would happen if…? (what if…?)’ The protagonist will be Thor, which arrives at Disney+ on Wednesday, September 22nd. house of ideas I shared a class poster that looks young and energetic thunder god This refers to the exploration of superhero youth in the Nordic countries.

Disney+ takes care of maximum “What If” promotional times. Being a series with classes supposedly independent of each other, who visit parallel reality, Marvel Studios is revealing who will be the protagonist of the story with a poster release in the days leading up to the episode’s arrival. Thor in the poster looks very similar to the one in the 2011 movie., although many differences are appreciated.

The first is that the Asgardian hero wears a gold-studded suit Never worn in previous UCM products. Moreover, it can be seen His face does not have the usual beardWhich highlights his youth. Australian Chris Hemsworth He takes his turn in this animated installment.

Rumors indicate that it will be a type of bull One of the films that will appear in the class. It will be the party of Thor, a version of Odin’s son who has failed to be worthy of Mjolnir again and who has chosen to live a carefree life, being a party animal. However, this can be seen in the poster The superhero uses his iconic hammer, which means you might get it back, too.

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In the mid-season trailer, this can be seen He will face Thor with him Dr. Gharib Supremo. Fighting on such an epic level … that this scene may not appear in Chapter VII, and save it for a later time, albeit not for a long time, because There are only two more episodes to be released.