June 16, 2024

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Preventive medicine and public health are in a flourishing moment

Preventive medicine and public health are in a flourishing moment

Miguel Rodriguez presented the 21st National Congress of the Society for Preventive Medicine and Public Health to be held in Santander

September 21, 2021. 11:30 AM

specialty Preventive medicine and public health Live a moment of “clear boom and opportunity” because of the circumstances we’re in. However, “His work has always been essential to Prevention, control and early diagnosis of diseasesThose were the words The Minister of Health of Cantabria, Miguel Rodriguez, in a Twenty-first national conference of the Assembly. This brings together 400 specialists in this specialty in Santander to meet the most pressing challenges.

“The pandemic has brought about many changes that are here to stay,” Rodriguez insisted. So, it’s time to take your turn. All this to address the exciting moment that preventive medicine and public health is going through, as well as its immediate future.

The challenges of preventive medicine and public health

The scientific program was developed by Proposals transferred from SEMPSPH networks. This is reflected in the round tables, conferences, workshops and communication tables that are part of an ambitious programme.

In addition, there will be various presentations and schedules, where topics of interest and impact such as patient safety will be discussed; how the epidemic affected other latitudes; The Disinfection, vaccination, epidemiological surveillance, or health management and aid in the epidemic.

Finally, experts insist that it is necessary Resuming all those projects that have been halted by the pandemic. It is also necessary to think about the state of specialization and the opportunities and threats that have been revealed in these months.

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