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Why Andrea Legareta's funeral request has become a trend on social networks

Why Andrea Legareta’s funeral request has become a trend on social networks

The host made special requests for her funeral photo: Instagram / @andrealegarreta

About Two months after the first anniversary of his death From the previous product of TodayAnd Magda RodriguezAnd Andrea Legarreta It was set as a trend after social network users searched for and commented on the remarks made by the host on the morning show Your wishes after his death.

in november 2020, The The sudden death of Magda Rodriguez, Which caused an uproar among the presenters of the program that it produced. Andrea Legareta said she reconsidered her life and talked about it With her family and in front of reporters who interviewed her outside Televisa for the morning show.

“We have said it on several occasions, spoken with our family, We have a will for a long time. But actually what I tell my daughters is that What we must do and think is to liveAndrea said.

Andrea has already made her will (Image: Andrea Legarreta/Instagram)
Andrea has already made her will (Image: Andrea Legarreta/Instagram)

Although the His daughters are still in their teensAndrea has already spoken to them How would you like your funeral to take place?, where she stated that she wants to attend only a few and that they are the closest to her, in addition to that she aspires to An atmosphere of joy at the party.

“They know that what I love most in life apart from them is travel, because that is life for me, just Magda I loved her. Knowing places, eating delicious, learning about different cultures, surprising every day; I’ve told them: When I leave, I will leave around 100, I don’t want to invite anyone to my health, but since I will not decide, I tell them: I want them to wear whitesaid the driver.

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He also said he already knows What is the song he would like to bid farewell to his funeral?:

There is a song that fascinates me called I lived one republic. This is the joke We eat life and enjoy itThis is what I told them: “I wore it and it makes me so happy”Because we have to celebrate life and get through here,” the driver admitted.

The presenter wants there to be an air of joy at her funeral (Image: Instagram / @andrealegarreta)
The presenter wants there to be an air of joy at her funeral (Image: Instagram / @andrealegarreta)

Andrea said that He’s a totally positive personThat’s why you want the funeral attendees to be happy to be there:

“I feel like there are people who go through their lives who struggle with it, get bitter, come into contact with the negativity, I think what we have to do is realize that life goes through difficult and difficult moments, but that’s definitely his too Great moments “A lot of people are counting on us,” Legareta said.

a few hours ago, Andrea Escalona’s photo, who also hosts the morning show which is The daughter of the deceased producerHe also remembered his mother nearly a year after his passing, because he sent a message of motivation to his followers, He remembers the difficult moment he experienced during his death.

Andrea Escalona remembers mourning her mother's death (Image: Instagram:andy_escalona)
Andrea Escalona remembers mourning her mother’s death (Image: Instagram:andy_escalona)

To those who are having a bad time, that you have no loss, that you fell so hard that you thought, “I’m not going to get up from this.” passes… Fortunately or unfortunately everything happensI don’t know how long, don’t force yourself into anything, embrace your process and in a natural way you will heal,” the host wrote.

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Healing doesn’t mean everything goes back to ‘normal’, it just means you wake up with a scrape May God bless you with learning. When something happened mom I thought I’d never be happy again, that I’d live incompleteAndrea concluded.

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