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Why do we change our appearance after separation?

Why do we change our appearance after separation?

    lets be sincere. How many of us have made an appointment at the hairdresser after, for example, Going through a breakup Or change jobs? Did you raise your hand? calm; You’re not alone. Which is the reason for this seemingly occasional activity It hides the most curious behaviour whose name we hardly heard: Shock boom.

    He was watching “Emily in Paris” – don’t worry, we won’t spoilers– where, for the first time, we heard this concept. That is, after changing look most expected, The task force uses the term blast shock to celebrate An amazing transformation of character. A process in which we felt, we admit, some identification with each other We can only ask ourselves why this need is.

    Why do we seek to renew our appearance when we break up with a job, friendship or flirtation? Is this a shock reaction shift?

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    Shockwave: what it is and why we won’t forget it

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    Intrigued by this event (which we’ve come to normalize with some movies), we chatted with a public health psychologist who specializes in brief strategic therapy, Anna Belin Mediadiato tell us Why Sorry This is a clear We need to change our appearance When we’re going through chaotic periods, moments of stress, or simply a phase change, among other things. (And remember, if you’re thinking about it Back to the bangs…this is the cut that best suits your face).

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    “When we part or say goodbye, we tend to go through a grieving process. And during that process, we Many people (Important: Kristen StewartAnd Scarlett JohanssonAnd Jennifer Lawrence…) Trend to Change some of your physique traits Like, for example, their hair or even their habits or the way they dress, ”Anna Belen comments when we ask her why we tend to change our appearance.Closing the cycle is not easy and making an internal change is essential To get the strength we need to keep going. For this reason, many people find it This kind of changes payment they need Try to look your best and take care of yourself more of themselves.”

    For this reason, at the beginning of the year, or simply, when we are going through a new phase, we tend to change our physical structure and, in the process, the cut or color of our hair. It symbolizes the transformation or evolution that we are doing. Aesthetic change or change look, can symbolize separation from the previous stage. A new image, a new version, and therefore a new stage. What is clear, notes the expert, is that: “Change, for whatever reason, makes us experience situations that, by the way, It can help us learn“.

    The effect that blast trauma can have on mental health

    A woman cuts her own hair

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    Our new image It can have a positive effect; It encourages us to devote more time, “to do everything possible not to destroy our self-esteem, but rather to Achieving emotional well-being. However, as Anna Belen emphasizes, change is also It may involve the other side of the coinWell, that’s a downside.

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    “when We are going through a sudden change, embarking on an image makeover can be dangerous; We don’t make the decision in full conscience.”

    in this meaning, The expert points out the importance of knowing the state we are in – regardless of whether he was in a state of anger, fear or even a trance – L So try to justify The decision we will make.

    Likewise, “When we change look We can feel a sense of instant pleasure and euphoria can be experienced which can cause Many people are born with certain addictions For this feeling they seek, through change, new opportunities or sensations of access.

    Archaeology? As the expert rightly points out, “It is important to understand that real change is what we do on the inside, and no matter how much we cut our hair or change the way we dress (even change jobs or home), if this process does not happen, The malaise will continue to haunt us“.