June 28, 2022

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Why does Boca Superclasico play against River in a yellow shirt?

Why does Boca Superclasico play against River in a yellow shirt?

For the first time in the history of official Superclásico matches between Boca and River, neither team will wear their traditional shirt. On this occasion, the river stags would wear their white mantle and the red ribbon crisscrossing the chest, but the Xeneizes would alter their appearance.

At the express request of the club’s senior leadership, Boca will replace its traditional blue and gold shirt with a completely yellow one. It was presented in the 1-0 win over Estudiantes, a week before the great classic.

The new Boca shirt, inspired by Casa Amarilla

Why this decision? There are three explanations that will be reduced. The first is a marketing move between Adidas and Boca to put the replacement kit in case it does well at El Monumental.

Eduardo Salvio Amancai Urbani, Boca Substitute 2022 Jersey, Yellow House

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The other two are even crazier. Some talk about the gangs, because with yellow he managed to win and the like at La Plata, while the most extravagant rumor is the possibility that the shaman advised the Football Board – ironically – to use this shirt.

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“I love yellow, it’s very beautiful, Casa Amarilla says on the back, I lived there,” Sebastian Battaglia commented at Thursday’s press conference.

Boca Juan River Roman Riquelme Mendoza 2010 Summer Friendly

To find the only record for this classic without the start, you have to travel to the summer of 2010. He faced Boca River in Mar del Plata and Mendoza, in both games they wore a jersey, although it retained blue and yellow. Whole life, I conjured the Swedish flag with its design. Things did not go well for him: he left without victories and Alvio Basile, DT at that time quit.

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To see how this new decision will turn out, we will have to wait until Sunday, March 20 from 7:00 pm, when a new edition of the Superclásico will kick off.