July 14, 2024

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Why is New Zealand being questioned in the face of an epidemic?

Why is New Zealand being questioned in the face of an epidemic?

The arrival of the delta variant a few days ago New ZealandOne of the countries that has best managed the epidemic.

In this way, the sea country ended six months without being new Infection, Which was previously isolated as an achievement.

However, the new environment forced the adoption of health measures such as the use and implementation of masks Isolations, Discontinued due to apparent progress in the country.

On Monday, August 30, health officials ordered an extension of imprisonment in Auckland as the delta spread.

For this reason, many question whether the crisis-facing strategy is very successful.

The health system is in trouble

These questions came from Chris Hipkins, the minister in charge of managing Covit-19 in New Zealand. In an interview, the Health Commission said the delta variation raised big questions about the long-term future they predicted.

“The level of risk of infection and the speed at which the virus is spreading, despite all the best products in the world, is putting our health system in trouble,” he said in an interview with TVNZ.

“I mean, all the security we have now seems to be less adequate and stronger. As a result, we’re more focused on what else we can do there. At some point we need to start more transparently.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Jacinta Order announced the reopening of the border. However, the move had to be canceled as the delta variation spread.

Because 80 percent of people in New Zealand are not vaccinated, the state of health is uncertain. This may change the general perception of the ocean nation regarding crisis management.

“At the moment, people are very skeptical about how the government has handled all the problems related to Govt, especially the vaccine campaign,” said Price Edwards, a political analyst at Victoria University.

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