January 28, 2022

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Why New Zealand struggles with influencers

Why New Zealand struggles with influencers

For some years now, we have been living with that particular creature that is influential. These people are the absolute owners of social networks (From YouTube to Instagram, with the most recent tick tock or twitch) They usually serve a variety of things, including providing medical advice, commenting on any kind of topic, playing video games, giving voice to movies, and going out on series. Television, writing books or modeling.

The latter seems to be the maximum for any influencer worth his salt. Any influence with a large number of followers on Instagram, as a rule, should have photos in which to share their beauty with the world and show how much fun they have, how many friends they have, and the parties they celebrate. And places in the world they can visit with high frequency The world and other human beings can dream of. The latter tends to create controversy in some cases because of their Attitudes are immoral or Because, They crashed in an attempt to find the ‘perfect photo’.

Oddly enough, New Zealand is fighting this. The latest paradoxical video confirms that the country is taking ‘drastic action’ against these travelers, and the campaign urges them to refrain from putting ‘clichே’ poses in photos like raising your hands like a bird flying on top of a mountain. Classic Legs like sausages on the beach or the look of a thoughtful person Looking at the horizon on a rock. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here we leave the funny video for you.

“There are many incredible things in New Zealand beyond social trends,” Tourism NZ Country Manager Bjorn Spritzer complained to the media. Especially the video, Tourism is based on New Zealand’s ‘Do Something New’ campaign, Launched last year, after borders were closed due to a corona virus infection.

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Video Laughs at classic Instagram photos: Walking through lavender fields, melancholy views of the horizon sitting on the rocks, sausage legs on the beaches …

Places like Royce Peak or Vanaka Lake are generally the most popular places The video makes fun of people who want to take the perfect photo to post on social networks, and many of them accepting identical poses. “We’ve seen it before,” says comedian Tom Sainsbury, who plays the role of the Lone Ranger, which prevents people from taking pictures in the pure Influencer style.

In 2018, the image of a large group standing in line for photos at Royce Peak went viral on social media. The next time you take your picture, whether it’s in a lavender field or on a swing in Southeast Asia, think about the New Zealand Ranger. So as part of the campaign People go to different places, Travelers are encouraged to share their original photos with the hashtag # Do something new. Sounds a little difficult now, but in a little while, who knows?