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Why should you not trust apps that promise to change the color of WhatsApp?

Why should you not trust apps that promise to change the color of WhatsApp?

Blue WhatsApp, Red WhatsApp, Yellow WhatsApp… Many applications promise the ability to change the color of the messaging service. In fact, none of them work

WhatsApp icon on a colorful background

A simple Google search is enough to find dozens, if not hundreds of supposed tutorials promising to teach you how to do this. Change the color of WhatsApp And make the application interface go from the classic green color to others like Blue, red, yellow or purple. In many cases, these tutorials encourage you to download Third party apps like WhatsApp PlusOr installing “mods” of questionable origin.

But the reality is very different. Day after day, There is no official or safe method To change the color of WhatsApp, other than switching between the light mode and dark mode of the application.

No, it is not possible to change the color of WhatsApp using a third-party app (at least not safely).

Whatsapp plus

Using apps like WhatsApp Plus comes with risks that you should take into consideration

Since a few years, the use of third-party WhatsApp applications has become popular, e.g Whatsapp plus, OGWhatsApp also GB WhatsApp. All of them promised to enable functions that were not available in the original version of the messaging service, but were added little by little to the official application, including the option to have several accounts on the same mobile phone or the ability to create complete backups of WhatsApp data.

He also gave many of them a choice Customize the WhatsApp interface through themes In different colors, in a similar way to what can be found on Telegram for several years. In fact, many users who used these apps did so simply to be able to Change the color of WhatsApp.

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But then 2015 came, and Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, decided Start blocking the use of third-party applications. It initially warned users, and later began restricting the use of these apps, to a point Suspension of accounts Of those who continue to use it. This is how the company itself explains it on its official website:

Use of an unauthorized app or unsupported device violates our Terms of Service and may result in account suspension. Unofficial WhatsApp is a fake app developed by third parties and does not comply with our Terms of Service. We do not endorse the use of these third-party applications because it is not possible to verify their security practices.

Although the creators of this type of application, such as Spanish-born developer Ravalens (The creator of the original version of WhatsApp Plus) began devoting his efforts to other projects. There were those who decided to take advantage of his popularity to try… Deceive usersWhich makes them believe that these types of third-party applications are still safe.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. While Telegram, as an open source project, encourages the development of alternatives created by third parties, WhatsApp supports the use of the original application onlyso any unofficial alternative is UnsafeUsing it means exposing yourself to danger See how your account ends up being suspendedwhether temporarily or permanently.

So, What do these supposed “mods” or third-party apps consist of? In many cases, tutorials are simply posted online Explain the steps to change the WhatsApp background or activate the dark themetwo features supported by the original version of the application.

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In other cases, use Third party applications Of questionable origin, which although it allows the interface colors to be modified, Involves loss of functionality such as creating or restoring backups. In most cases, it’s not clear Who is behind the development? These variables of the application, and what modifications could have been made to the code, using The security risks involved.

Colorful WhatsApp search results

Some of the results that appear if you search for “colored WhatsApp” on Google

Do you want to change the color of WhatsApp? You just have to wait a little longer

It’s not all bad news. WhatsApp is aware of the large number of users who wish to be able to change the color of the app To customize it to your taste. Despite the hesitation for years to include a function of this kind, we have long known that the application will allow adjustment of interface colors soon.

As of today, this feature is only available in releases Beta For the application and for a very limited number of users. But in the coming months, It should start reaching more WhatsApp users. Until then, it would be better to stick to the classic green, which, by the way, has just been renewed.

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