August 14, 2022

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Willy Grefg: Controversy Grefg and Willy: TheGrefg responded with "bald" to Willyrex and

Willy Grefg: Controversy Grefg and Willy: TheGrefg responded with “bald” to Willyrex and

And theThe Flowing World has risen again with another controversy, this time The Twitter war is open between WillyRex and TheGrefg.

What seemed like a typical hit between two streamers, It seems to have become a crossroads of accusations, WillyRex attacked Grefg with a series of tweets Reply to a Murcian streamer.

Discord tweet

It was Grefg who tweeted a photo taken during the 2020 rewind period, where they both He was cast in a sitcom Among Us, where Willie was the “impostor” Grevig was one of the dead crew members.

“Going back to 2020 already predicted,” read WillyRex’s tweet I answered in a way that shocked almost everyone:

Starring IlloJuan and Grefg’s Choice for Willy, The streamer didn’t seem to sit well, and didn’t seem too happy about what happened

The thing is, it looks like it’s going to end with this goodbye and the end of it all:

TheGrefg Willy Rex Shows And Tightens His Butt

When it seemed like everything would stop there, TheGrefg responded in a video in which he “apologies”, but in the end… well, in the end, look at it for yourselves…

After this “unfortunate” video, Willyrix picked up the keyboard again and began a series of messages in which he accused Grevig of driving more than 200 km / h or stealing projects from his colleagues.

“They took your driver’s license out of public danger and I had to drive with a driver for several months. Will I continue?”

Then he started talking about disloyalty and his reasons for leaving the agency they shared.

“I’ve also taken away projects and events from my friends, I told you before, you’re a rat. Shall I continue?”

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And to finish, or not, Willyrix alluded to Terraira Rinne to J Balvin with Mimi.

Grefg will not answer more (for now) to Willyrex

Willerix continued his attacks and stated The episode where Grefg took a live COVID testwhich is something Morcian apologized for at the time.

After all these accusations, Greg Vibrate on your account In one of the words Willy repeated more than others during the accusation: “Shall I continue?”

Finally a reply to Willerix, we don’t know if it was ironic or not, left him a heart and a thank you to him for “It inspired him to be a content creator.” And claim no more answer.