May 16, 2022

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The new measure for Doritos: More air, less nachos

The new measure for Doritos: More air, less nachos

We are now witnessing a sudden rise in prices in all areas of our lives, which is also affecting the major brands, which have decided to resort to unconventional technologies such as deflation Without consumers noticing the difference.

One of the brands that chose to follow this “measure” is a subsidiary of PepsiAnd the Frito LayIt is the company responsible for the production and marketing of famous products Doritosso Since 2021, the contents of the snack bags have varied, this was less to meet the economic problems.

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Big Bags of Doritos They went from a weight of about 276 grams to 262, which is a very small perceptible difference and if we apply it to the number of nachos, that difference is five nachos. The number of snacks is decreasing, but the price remains the same, as reported in a study by quartz. An action that comes as a result of the crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is how many brands try to avoid increasing the prices of their products, something that not only did Frito-Lay, but cereal boxes from shreddingWhich is less than 110 grams of biscuits wheat flakeswhich reduced its content to the equivalent of the weight of 28 cookies.

But this technique was not only used in food products, the same thing also happened with toothpaste. Crest 3D White Radiant MintIt is now eight milliliters smaller, which means consumers brush their teeth less often than before.