July 1, 2022

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Windows 11 arrives in the country with a proposal for productivity and remote work |  Doctor Techno |  magazine

Windows 11 arrives in the country with a proposal for productivity and remote work | Doctor Techno | magazine

Microsoft has been announcing for months that its Windows operating system has been updated to version 11.

Microsoft announced months ago that it had updated its Windows operating system to version 11. And this week it was finally time for Ecuador, although the changes will take place in phases.

Brand representatives claim that the update will allow the new Windows operating system to perform more tasks with fewer clicks and drags.

Panos Panay, Director of Product, Windows and Devices at Microsoft, highlights that “the entire Windows 11 user experience brings you closer to what you love, enables you to be productive and inspires you to create. Windows 11 provides a sense of calm and openness. It gives you a place that feels like home. It is secure and everything is designed to focus. On you, from the new start menu and taskbar to every sound, font, and icon you see, the team has thought of every pixel and detail to deliver a more modern, new, and beautiful experience.”

With the new normal showing no signs of ending, at least not in the nearest months, that’s why everyday life is one of the key points of Windows 11.

“Each of our partners has been instrumental in bringing Windows 11 to life. No other ecosystem has the breadth and scope that the Windows ecosystem must provide to meet the needs of people, be they creators, developers, students, educators and businesses players At any price and form. Said David Merzel, category manager Microsoft PC Latin America.

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Speaking of technical updates, Windows 11 starts at the center. With the center start button, you get quick access to the content and apps that matter most to the user, and through the cloud and Microsoft 365 (provided separately) you can view recent files where it’s been working, no matter what device you’re using, even if it’s Android or iOS.

It includes Microsoft Teams chat that is used to chat, call, voice or video with friends, family, and other contacts, no matter what device or platform they’re using: Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

New Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops offer a more efficient way to multitask, optimizing screen space in a more visual way, with new 3-column layouts for larger screens.

This operating system is designed for blended work and learning as mentioned above. Windows 11 builds on the consistent and supported foundation of Windows 10 and enables organizations to migrate to Windows 11 on powerful PCs and across the cloud with Windows 365 or Azure Virtual Desktop.

Microsoft has made the PC Health Check app available to users to check if their Windows 10 PC is eligible for the free update.

Starting last week and moving forward in the coming months, Windows 11 compatible devices from HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Asus, Samsung, MSI, Huawei, Xtratech, and Speedmind will be available in the country. (I)