December 5, 2023

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Winning “all against all”, which does not guarantee the victory of the star

Winning “all against all”, which does not guarantee the victory of the star

ESPN.comNovember 8, 2023, 9:31 PM ETReading: 2 minutes.

Águilas Doradas had a fantastic season in the All vs All tournament and now prepares to face the semi-finals on home soil with the firm goal of reaching the final and chasing their first title.. Those from Rionegro had a relentless twenty dates, reaching 44 points and For the first time in FPC history, it was clear that the team finished undefeated after the regular stage.

Aguilas Doradas finished the All vs All tournament undefeated and will be seeking his first title.Photo: @aguilasdoradasr

Aguilas’ season has been rough up to this pointNot only did they finish as captain this first time around, but they were the team with the fewest goals conceded (12), also the team with the most goals (35) and the team with the best goal difference (23). . In total they won 12 matches and drew 8.

Your highlights in 2023 It allowed them to stay at the top of the classification table, so the Gold Team anyway earned a place in next year’s international tournament. However, those led by Cesar Farias should not trust themselves, even though they have had an “all against all” race that does not guarantee that the same will happen in the semi-final at home, in fact, Aguilas Doradas himself should know it well. Well, in the first semester they finished top in the regular stage and then collapsed in the first group, even finishing last.

The statistics from last time are also not very encouraging for the Eagles, since the last 11 teams who ended up at the top of the regular stage were subsequently unable to obtain the title. The last time a team managed to finish first in an ‘all against all’ and then score on the final round at home to qualify for the final and ultimately win the title, it was Atletico Nacional, and Verdolagas’ side achieved that in 2017.

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But to be the most impudent in history With those who finished first in the regular stage, only 13 teams managed to become champions out of the 43 short tournaments held since 2002.