May 19, 2022

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Wismichu displays his "home museum": comics, manga, video games, and Japan

Wismichu displays his “home museum”: comics, manga, video games, and Japan

mesmael Prego, Wismichu, wanted to show the house he lives in on a tour he did for his YouTube channel. Galician content creator View his large collection of comics, manga, and figurines, all neatly arranged in a museum-like home.

Japanese and popular culture

Wismichu began a tour of his house at the entrance, and elsewhere, showing us the various items that adorned his house and what they would be A full announcement of what we’ll find next.

Skateboard decks and The paintings of tattoo artists are the first decorative elements Which we meet to go to the most popular Japan Lots of art prints on your walls.

Vinyl, Super Mario Pinball, Table for playing board games Which is great (don’t miss the video), these are some of the items that we can find in the living room of your home.

in the windows that They fill the walls of the house, We can find small “shrines” dedicated to Epics like Zelda or the anime One Piece, Where carefully placed shapes are displayed.

Inside one of the lockers There is also a Digimon group, “The first series I really had to follow and figure out everything day in and day out,” Wismichu explained while touring his home.

Comics and manga everywhere

But if something caught my eye, it was those shelves full of comics and manga Sorted by region: Europe, America and Japan.

As for what comic they keep more soulful than the infinity they have on the shelves, Ishmael It preserves the first volume of Scott Pilgrim, signed by author Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Gradient copies of the comics “That Means Something I Like Cover”, decorate the shelves “arranged” by the area where Special editions and mega sizes are crowded.

“zapas” group, balcony with jacuzzi and one of the best equipment

The tour that Wismichu takes into his house also takes us to see a very cozy nook, a balcony with a fresco of Atom, where his workshop and Jacuzzi “hottop” God forbid.

Already upstairs there is a room, yes, with Japanese touches and markings on it, Tapestry on it the famous “Great Wave off Kanagawa”. but what We really liked it, it’s the dressing room where he keeps a large collection of sneakersSome of them are great value for money and others with a very “cool” design were purchased from AlExpress.

Wismichu setup, something that was already in the public domain, Connects directly to the bedroomwhich in turn has a balcony With some armchairs to be “cool”.

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