July 14, 2024

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With Green Day the saviors arrived in Europe

With Green Day the saviors arrived in Europe

The rock band opens its European tour in front of 43,000 people, recalling 20 and 30 years of its most famous and legendary albums and presenting its latest albums, Rescuers

Walkers in boots and backpacks were not the only ones yesterday who made the pilgrimage to Santiago longing for the cathedral. Rhythm pilgrims invaded the capital of Galicia longing for the temple of music and punk rock, the concert that Green day He opened his European tour. Their tablets Duki And American idiot And many nods to the work released just five months ago, Rescuerspresented two and a half hours of catchy music and the exciting sound of a mature band that recovered the spirit of protest from decades ago and announced it before More than 43,000 people.

The California band was the headline act on opening day O son of do Caminoan eclectic lineup festival that is already established as the standard music event in Galicia This is the rise of positions in the Spanish calendar. This is undoubtedly the opening of the tour Rescuers (El Salvador) will contribute to putting it on the world map He should Of live music. After Santiago, he will play on Saturday in… Madrid Magic Box inside The road to Rio Babel They already expected a Displays Attractive that made Monte do Gozowith little questioning of the audience, despite its constant repetition “Santiagooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”.

He arrived at nightfall. At the same time that the amusement wheel that crowned the hall began to emit colorful flashes, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirt And Tree Cool They appeared in front of the crowd that had been warming up all afternoon and gave up on them The American dream is killing me. It was not a scaled-down version of the usual festival gig, but a full-scale show, an American dream that came to Europe to unite the band as a 90s rock legend and celebrate the 20th and 30th anniversary of the albums that crowned them.

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They presented their symbolism Duki In 1994, American idiot In 2004, in 2024, they will begin the world tour of Rescuers, an album actually designed for live performances. in O son of do Camino They gave a concert 35 songs In which they honored the songs that brought them to their current peak, such as wake me up when september ends, American idiot, Basket condition also Good riddance.

Shock wave from Ardi Bogotá

With the cold and night already engulfing the venue, they were able to make the audience jump even more than they did with the big bang Bogotá is burninghe The musical phenomenon of 2023 Which shock wave resonated in Monte do Gozo. These were also from Cartagena (Murcia). J Balvin And Green day, the main attraction of the day. An hour of live music brimming with vibrant energy lifted the crowd for the first time in the afternoon as soon as it kicked off Anthony, Danny, jot And baby And the sound of the first chords Nail your words for me.

“Give me enough diesel for three.” They asked the stage and the audience needed nothing more. As soon as that first song ended, the long-awaited greeting arrived, and with it the declaration of intent: get everyone dancing. “Good evening everyone. We came to dance. O son of do Camino“1, 2, 3, top” encouraged extremists.

And after he made the earth shake my dear A lyric poem that encourages dancing and jumping “Silly song”The band finished fanning the spark with a confession. “We came to dance, but also to see Green dayl J Balvin…”, because for them, it is “an absolute dream to be part of a festival like this”.

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They decided to open with a song from their second album, A3 cowboy Although, as a second appetizer, they chose one of the most famous albums from their first album, the nightFrom there, the lyrics of his latest work followed one another. Unconditional fans sang every verse poison And What a hard lifeHe stressed that the band is truly united and there is no lyric that did not attract the approval of the audience. There was no shortage of some of his legendary tunes, e.g Exoplanet also Anti-aircraft No trust in that A3 cowboy is an “important song” for them before concluding an intense 60-minute live broadcast dogthe song that last year was a turning point.

They left the audience ready to go J BalvinLatin urban music in a style different from alternative rock but, similarly, brought money to the public through Ovni Invasion.