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Women's Handball World Cup 2021: Spain 2021, the World Cup to relaunch women's handball

Women’s Handball World Cup 2021: Spain 2021, the World Cup to relaunch women’s handball


30/11/2021 –

NSThis is Wednesday Women’s World Championship, disputed in Four Spanish cities. It is the first major competition in the sport to be held under near-normal conditions since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The male category, last January in Egypt, did not welcome the public; European women, a year ago, also developed in a “bubble” and behind closed doors in Denmark. The Tokyo Olympics also lacked atmosphere in the grand competition stands.

The World Cup has found this opportunity thanks to the fact that Spain is becoming less affected by the new wave that is defeating a large part of Europe. Presumed by the Spanish Federation as outstanding debts with the women’s national handball, represents an opportunity to restore some normalcy to the sport at the international level and to promote the recovery that is slowly progressing behind closed doors.

The Spanish national team reached the final in the last edition of 2019. That silver, with his latest controversial move against the Netherlands, was his second World Cup medal besides a bronze in 2011. He has not been able to maintain that level in recent competitions and that caused a coach change two months ago. A decision in which an attempt was made to reduce the risk by betting Carlos Vivre’s assistant since 2017, Jose Ignacio Prades. Nor did he play Russian roulette with his chosen team. The injuries of some undisputed players were a sign of the changes she had made.

Prades admits that that silver, which she deservedly won, does not respond to the current situation of Spanish women’s handball, which has not had a representation in the Champions League for years, and rose only in the third continental club competition, the European Cup. Ten of the 18 players selected for the World Cup play for foreign teams – there could have been more had it not been for injuries – and most of the talented young women are quickly recruited by other leagues, providing better economic conditions and a chance to play the more demanding tournaments.

A mainstay in handball

In this environment, “Guerreras” try to stay among the elite in their sport. Before this World Cup, it was 2021 target program, periodic concentrations of international and youth players in the national team’s orbit, which, in addition to working in their clubs, renewed the selection and gave it a wider wardrobe fund. The Women’s Sports Care by Iberdrola invested in giving greater visibility to the League; The clubs have settled the contracts of most of their players, also by order of the federation, and their mid-level competition is at least equal.

But it is the good results that the Warriors got between 2008 and 2019 –Two world medals, two European and one Olympic medalsThose who have avoided regressing in the irrelevance of women’s handball for a decade. This World Cup is a new opportunity to gain momentum and relaunch.

GL Recio – RFEBM

Spain as a regulator had the power to choose its own course and It also benefited from the mass raffle. He is superior to him The competitors in the first stage are Austria, Argentina and the unknown China, He will play a quarter-final entry in the main round, presumably with Croatia and Brazil.The best of the two would do.

There is nothing to complain about, quite the contrary, when by Other tracks of the picture show France, Olympic gold in Tokyo; Norway; Russia; Montenegro, champions of the Netherlands; Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Sweden…. All of these teams have been defeated by the “Guerreras” in recent years – against France, at the Olympics themselves – and they are making their best version. And with all of them he also lost, due to throwing the specified weight to the opponent or due to poor performance, such as a couple who cost elimination in Tokyo four months ago.

This World Cup calendar allows Spain to have a sprint as the tournament progresses and without excessive wear and tear. And If it reaches the final stage, it can be measured there against Norway, Romania, the Netherlands or Sweden. Ah, her nickname “warriors” takes all of its meaning. It’s the World Cup.

IHF expands its boundaries with big-name championship

First female with 32 teams

The World Championships, to be held in Torrevieja (Alicante), Leiria (Valencia), Castellín de la Plana and the Granollers – the latter also the venue of the final stage – are the first women to receive 32 teams, as did the males. . At the beginning of the year. The International Federation (IHF), in its bid to expand handball, is giving ground to nations that would otherwise be restricted to continental tournaments. The result is a competition of great contradictions, in which scores are too high for the World Cup.

Iran and Uzbekistan appeared for the first time in this edition, but the presence of other teams such as Cameroon, Congo, Paraguay and Puerto Rico, benefited from the participation of the Pan American Federation decided by the International Football Association, or even a European team such as Slovakia, which Spain just won with 20 goals in a preparatory session It is only justified by the purpose of making the World Cup visible and contributing to the development of handball in those countries. For most of them, the President’s Cup is reserved, as those who were left out in the first stage will continue to compete.

Iranian player

One player will go to the Asian Championship.


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