June 20, 2024

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World-2023: France-New Zealand, the “classic” of international rugby

In the group stage of the 2023 World Cup, the French will find the New Zealanders they know best. Conflicts are often defeated, but they have received some memorable exploits.

. Pioneers of 1979

For French rugby players, going to New Zealand in the summer has long seemed like the crucifixion. The 1979 tour began on the same basis until the second game on July 14 at Eden Park in Auckland. After two defeats, the French, led by Jean-Pierre Reeves, are recovering against the Armada of the Blacks. Before the break, the Blues showed their advantage and scored four attempts before resisting in the final moments, eventually winning (24-19). The first historic victory in New Zealand was celebrated the next day in Tahiti, where, through the jet lag mechanism, 15 heroes were able to enjoy a second July 14th.

. 1987 wiped out hope

During the first Rugby World Cup in Auckland’s Eden Park on June 20, 1987, New Zealand ‘s firefighter lost the second row to Jean Condom (C) and the French, 29-9 (AFP / Archives – GEORGES GOBET).

For the first World Cup in history, the French returned to Eden Park. Surprised to see the New Zealand firebrand, coach Jack Faroux’s men tried to resist in the first half, but broke down after the break, with Pierre Perpicier taking a try for K.R. They lost 29-9, becoming the first All Rugby World Rugby World Champions.

. End of the World 1994 article

To win the first tour in history with the famous All Blacks, the French had to score. After winning in Christchurch, return to Eden Park for a second meeting on July 3, 1994. At the end of a match in which both teams surrendered, France’s XV took the lead 20-16. French captain Philippe Saint-Andre charges a minute from the siren. After the contact and crosses are connected and crossed, at a distance of 80 meters, Jean-Luc Saturni finishes the ball flatly sent into the hands of nine blue players. “A test at the end of the world” for a 23-20 victory that would end the only tour the French won in New Zealand.

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. Incredible half of 1999

France XV players rejoice after knocking out blacks in the semi-finals of the English World Cup on October 31, 1999 in Twickenham (AFP / Archives - JEAN-LOUP GAUTREAU).

France XV players rejoice after knocking out blacks in the semi-finals of the English World Cup on October 31, 1999 in Twickenham (AFP / Archives – JEAN-LOUP GAUTREAU).

Blacks and French meet in Twickenham on the eve of the 1999 World Cup final. Both teams are engaged in high-level resistance, with Jonah Lomu making two attempts until the French defense breaks through. France’s XV was first reacted to by the launch of Christophe Lamaison, and later + borrowed from the French player + signed Dominici, Torde and Bernard-Salles. The final score, 43-31, shows the intensity of a crowd at the World Cup. The French players will lose in the final against Australia.

. Successful Challenge of 2007

For the first World Cup in France, the Blues finished 2nd in their group, so the Blacks in Cardiff had to “get”, where some matches were transferred. But the French immediately choose to challenge the New Zealanders: wearing blue, white and red shirts they stand one meter from the enemy during the hack. The rest is an extension of this challenge. At 13-3 at the break, the French aroused Thierry Tussauds in a frantic defensive mode, which put a stop to his great performance with a test. Yannick scored 10 minutes into the winning attempt from Juan time, was replaced by Elizold, who sent France to the semi-finals, where he will be beaten by England.

. The blue frustration of 2011

In their cave in Eden Park, the New Zealanders finally want to win a second world title. Facing them, the French discover during the Haqqa and form a V, advancing towards the blacks. As in 2007, a test by Ducatoure allowed the French to return 30 minutes (8-7) from the end, but All Blacks did not win their second Web Ellis Cup at home. This disappointment was immense for Mark Liveremont and his players, who never seemed close to the planetary title.

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. 2015 shame

Before facing New Zealand in Cardiff in the quarterfinals of the 2015 World Cup, the French are looking to do it again in 2007. But this time, the march is too much. The Blues dominate all areas of the game and will never compete with the blacks of Julian Xavier, who will become world champions for the third time in two weeks. France conceded nine horrific nine attempts, 62-13, the biggest defeat in French history at the World Cup.