May 27, 2024

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World Cup 2023: “Is New Zealand open? Why not”, says Fabian Kaltik

Roll in 2023! While waiting to know the schedule of matches, the World Cup in France already promises to be a France – New Zealand Pool A poster, knowing that the Blues have not won against the Blocks since 2009. This pool, which also appears in El Italy, is the best country in the United States to be determined between Canada, the United States or Uruguay and Namibia without undoubted qualification of the African region. Reactions are here.

France XV coach Fabian Chaldea: “The teams will be ready for this match. This will be a tough team. As always we know that New Zealand is one of the favorites of the event. He has won 3 World Cups. Italy continues to make progress. This will be a great moment in France, in front of the public and French fans. We know that playing at home in 2023 will be a fantastic challenge, which will be a huge impetus. But we also know that playing at home can sometimes create stress, especially as we approach T-Day. We need to be physically and mentally ready and ready to play our best rugby. Will New Zealand play in the opening match? Why, everyone loves All Blacks, and it’s so exciting and awesome. “

Antoine dupont, scrum half of France XV: “For the opening game, to be honest, we’ll all be surprised. The public will dream about New Zealand, but it’s too soon to talk about. All the Blacks have always been a fantastic challenge. We know that by being in Hat 2 we will be a big piece. It’s been a dream come true for generations .I was in front of my TV in the early hours of the morning in 2011, but we’re not going to talk too much about the end. It’s not a good or bad balance. Honestly, when I look at chickens, they are all raised.

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Bernard Laporte, President of the French Federation (FFR): “There’s no truth. Some say it’s easy to take the chicken. But we saw the world champion teams after difficult team stages. The only consolation is that you can only reconsider the final against the All Blacks. Now you have to beat everyone when you want to be the world champion.”

Ian Foster, New Zealand coach: “We are very excited. The World Cup is a very special event, it should be in the same pool at the home of France. It will be a nightmare. I hope it is well organized. It is a country with a great history and rugby culture. They have a great team for 2023. Are creating. “

Franco Smith, Italy coach: “It will be raised as a chicken.” With New Zealand, this will be a big challenge. But also a source of inspiration for our players. Facing France at home is another difficulty. Now that we know the plan, there will be twenty games to prepare and achieve this level. We are very excited and focused on the goal of improvement. “