July 14, 2024

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World leaders denounce the possible coup of Bolsonaro – Juventud Rebeldi

World leaders denounce the possible coup of Bolsonaro – Juventud Rebeldi

The confidant of 150 political figures from 26 countries assembled in the Progressive International signed a document denouncing the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, attacking democracy in the South American country, and warning of the possibility of a coup by the president.

The complaint follows an official rally that will take place Tuesday, September 7, when Brazil celebrates Independence Day, against the Supreme Court of Justice investigating the president over his dire management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We, elected representatives and leaders from around the world, are sounding the alarm: on September 7, 2021, the rebellion will endanger democracy in Brazil,” reads the international statement cited by Telesur.

The document was signed, among other politicians, by Alicia Castro, Oscar Laborde, Hugo Yasci, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Cecilia Brito, Eric Calcaño, Omar Blaini, Fernanda Vallejo, Marietta Percival and Monica Maca.

As well as the two former presidents, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of Spain. Fernando Lugo of Paraguay; Ernesto Samper, of Colombia, and Rafael Correa of ​​Ecuador, signed the letter denouncing that the so-called rally had ignited “fears of a coup d’etat in the world’s third largest democracy.”

In addition, he noted that the Brazilian head of state has increased his attacks against the country’s democratic institutions in recent days.

“On August 10, he led an unprecedented military parade in the capital, Brasilia, and his allies in Congress pushed for radical reforms to the country’s electoral system, widely regarded as one of the most reliable in the world,” they said.

The news report added that political leaders noted that Bolsonaro and his government have repeatedly threatened to cancel the 2022 elections if Congress does not approve their reforms.

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The document added that the president “summoned his followers to travel to Brasilia on September 7 in an act of intimidation to the country’s democratic institutions” and that according to a letter shared by the CEO, the goal was a counterattack against Congress and the Supreme Court.

Progressive International is a group of activists and organizations from around the world created to mobilize people to change the global system and the institutions that compose it.

It was created on November 30, 2018 at a Sanders Institute event, which was attended by many progressive politicians, economists and activists, including American Naomi Klein and former Brazilian presidential candidate Fernando Haddad.

In this context, the Rights Now platform, made up of 16 Brazilian political parties, rejected President Bolsonaro’s threats against democracy and called for vigilance in the face of Tuesday’s actions.

The day of the demonstrations will be lived in an atmosphere of great tension when rallies against and for Bolsonaro descend on the streets of Brazil.

In a memorandum in defense of democratic order, Dericos Ya warned that “the Brazilian constitutional tradition, of checks and balances capable of making our young democracy strong, is at risk to serve a fascist-oriented project, led by the chief executive himself”.

Brasil de Fato reported that union centrists and popular movements called for street protests against Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday.

On the call, the organizers recalled health recommendations to avoid infection with the novel coronavirus and others in the face of potential repression.

If you still have questions about the guidelines, says the post, just check out the Health Safety Guide for Protesters in Times of COVID-19 below.

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Rule No. 1 is to attend demonstrations that are held in open and well-ventilated places, without crowds, it is recommended to put on tight face masks, cover the nose and mouth, without leakage, and keep the distance between protesters.

They also urge – in the face of potential repression – not to wear contact lenses or things that could incriminate them, but to carry identification documents, magnesium or another substance to reduce the effects of tear gas, and water for personal use.