June 23, 2024

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Spain sells 100,000 doses to New Zealand and ends in Fiji

Spain sells 100,000 doses to New Zealand and ends in Fiji

Then Vospupuli Publications Condemnation Lack of transparency in vaccine donations and sales Carried out by Spain to third countries, Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, It is approved The dose was sold for the first time. He did so in his appearance Health Authority Representatives Congress When I say tasks, I mean sales“.

It has been said in general to point out later 100,000 dose “transferred” to Fiji Islands (sold). However, the Minister avoided itOf those 100,000 AstraZeneca vaccines sold to New Zealand, Not directly to the Fiji Islands. That is, the New Zealand government paid for the vaccines sent by the Spanish government from its surplus share. Fiji Islands.

There are On August 5, 100,000 vaccines arrived in Fiji, Same day The Ministry of Health issued a press release There he announced that he would “make the first donation of vaccines Peru, Guatemala, Paraguay And Nicaragua Through the COVAX mechanism ”

Dosage and target details of Spain’s first vaccines through the COVAX similarity mechanism established by that report United Nations (UN), But There is no mention of hundreds of thousands of vaccines Spain has Sold By bilateral agreements.

The Minister of Health also confirmed the progress report on participation in the Health Commission Vospupuli, The The Spanish government sold 140,000 vaccines to Paraguay. Although, yes, the Minister did not mention the exact number. On the whole they are Spanish government sells 240,000 vaccines to third countries But Darias points it out Sales will reach one million.

Resale of vaccines

The government has not disclosed contracts to sell these 240,000 astrogenic vaccines to other countries, a very different practice from the one carried out for example. Andorra. Sale 30,000 vaccines for Andorra This was not only publicly announced by the Ministry of Health, but also the agreement to that effect State Official Newsletter.

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In addition, these doses generally refresh health from Monday to Friday in the vaccine report. What happened to this dose sale, nothing Are secretive and are not mentioned.

Donations outside of reports

The Spanish government has promised to donate 22.5 million vaccines by Kovacs. Overall, the health minister promises 5.6 million vaccines donated. These figures are not reflected in the ministry’s vaccination reports, nor are they described in public communications.

So far, the Spanish government has only given a general account of donations from the first ship 101,760 dose for Peru, 253,440 vaccines for Paraguay, 201,600 to Guatemala And 97,920 to Nicaragua. In total, 654,720 AstraZeneca vaccines Directed to Latin America.

Unknown bilateral donations

Health does not describe the bilateral donation agreements entered into with third parties, including the sale and donation of vaccines. One of them, signed Argentina, We found out after the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, Connect 400,000 Spanish Dose Visits to your Twitter account.

When he appeared before the Health Commission, Darius announced that a bilateral agreement on these characteristics had been established. Honduras, But not specifying how many he has received.

So far all sales and donations of the vaccine have come from the AstraZeneca brand, and its use in Spain is limited to people between the ages of 60 and 70. Darias explained that this is the first pharmaceutical company to sign these contracts, but in the future they will also be signing with other companies.