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Xbox manager Aaron Greenberg tells parents not to call their kids Game Pass

Xbox manager Aaron Greenberg tells parents not to call their kids Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass It is one of the star services in the video game world, allowing its subscribers to enjoy a large variety of titles on PC, XSX/S or Xbox One and even be able to play Xbox brand exclusives from there at no additional cost on charge day for sale.

Such is the popularity of the service enjoyed by Aaron Greenberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Xbox Order During an interview at Gamescom that Parents do not baptize their children in the name of service. “I want to request that no one contact their children with Game Pass, he commented.

This statement was not made arbitrarily, but came after Pete Heinz of Bethesda spoke about The family that decided a few years ago to baptize their son Dovahkin Referring to The Elder Scroll’s V: Skyrim, which “caused” Bethesda to start giving that family all the games they’ve published for life.

Bethesda is pleased to be a part of Microsoft

In the same talk, Pete Hines also spoke about Bethesda’s satisfaction with being part of Microsoft so that its games can reach more people thanks to Game Pass. “Quite frankly, We’ve always wanted as many people as possible to play the games created by our developers. When you go to Game Pass and see a game like victimAnd insultingAnd Wolfenstein NS earthquake People come back and play a lot. It’s not only 30 games (from Bethesda) but most of them are amazing. There are so many Game of the Year winners on Game Pass that it’s not just about quantity, but also in terms of quality.“Bethesda Heavyweight ends to show how satisfied they are to be a part of Redmond.

You… Do you name your children after a character or service in the world of video games?

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