August 14, 2022

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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 price revealed in Europe, is there any surprise?  |  Tools

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 price revealed in Europe, is there any surprise? | Tools

It’s been almost a month since the smart bracelet was officially launched Xiaomi MiBand 7Currently, it can only be purchased in China. This situation is expected to change in a short time, and it will be put up for sale in different regions –like Europe-. Well, it was possible to find out the price at this place.

This is an important detail that, if not suitable, could mean that many users are looking at other options that may be on the market. So far, Xiaomi smartbands have always been placed among the options that guarantee good Quality / Price Ratio. Because of this, it was only natural to expect this to continue. The fact is that if what was leaked is confirmed, the perception of some may change radically.

What is the cost of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 in Europe

The price of the model that can be obtained in Spain is now around €45.99, which is an impressive and attractive amount. Good , known data Indicate that the new model may cost Between 50 and 60 euros. Therefore, there is a price increase that is acceptable if the first amount is approached. But, if the second is the closest … the increase is very large and this may have an impact on sales.


In addition to the advancements that have been included in the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 – such as regarding a 1.62-inch screen with 500 nits brightness or access to the well-known 120 sport modes -, Not related. In this way, such a large price increase may not be a good idea. Perhaps the Pro model, which is expected to include GPS, will make more sense as it will come to sixty euros.

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This new bracelet includes other options

If you are not sure what the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will improve over its predecessors, there are a few things that matter. An example of this is your battery. 180 mA They claim to have reached 2 weeks of use. And that the painting is bigger. In addition, it should be noted that everything related to obtaining physical data or increasing accuracy in heart rate has been improved; sleep quality; Even the stress level.

The truth is that the price of this smart bracelet looks like It is not unreasonablebut taking into account what rivals like Amazfit or Huawei have, it is possible that the known increase will hurt the sales of this new generation of Xiaomi smartband (which in general is the strongest).