March 1, 2024

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“Yes, we did it right” The effects of a Suchard campaign on your brand metrics

“Yes, we did it right” The effects of a Suchard campaign on your brand metrics

During the month of November Suchard, the famous chocolate brand Mondelez International is launching what will undoubtedly be one of its most memorable Christmas campaigns.

The poignant journey of a pair of grandparents through time has Spanish consumers excited about the return of one of the heroes of these holidays, nougat.

What are the effects of the campaign on Suchard’s brand metrics?

Using data from our daily brand tracker, YouGov BrandIndex, we analyze the effects of a campaign launch and its impact on ad recall.

We can see that on the day the campaign was launched, Suchard had 11 ad recall points, while as of November 28, which is the most recent data available so far, it has 24 points and continues to grow.

Did it have the same effect on all ages?

In the ad we can see two grandparents sitting and reminiscing about the day they met and how their family has grown.

Ad recall increases significantly among the 25-34 age groups, where it was already higher than in the overall population. So far, Suchard has achieved a score of 34 points on this target (25-34 years).

Regarding the brand hype, we see how after its launch Did we do it well? The score rises from 13 points (after launch) to 21 points.

And considering purchasing?

Both the new advertising campaign and the seasonality of the product have led to a growth in purchase consideration scores among those responsible for making a purchase in Spain.

The consideration score ranges from 20 points from November 8 to 29 in the most recently collected data.


BrandIndex: A real-time tool that measures brand health perception. In Spain, more than 500 brands are analyzed through daily surveys conducted on our own team of more than 380,000 participants. The analysis shows the important changes that will occur to the Suchard brand in November 2023.

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