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What skills does a UX/UI specialist need?

What skills does a UX/UI specialist need?

Most in-demand profiles in UX/UI

Are you wondering what kind of digital skills are needed to be able to work in this field? According to him Employment map At Fundación Telefónica, the most in-demand skills for these profiles are:

User experience specialist

The profile is intended for Understand needs and expectations of users. They must create efficient workflows and experiences.

Some of the most commonly used tools and software are Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma. This is one of the most in-demand jobs on job portals like

User interface specialist

It focuses on the visual and aesthetic part of digital design. You should ensure that the interface is easy to use, attractive, and reflects the brand identity.

People dedicated to this field generally have advanced knowledge using software such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

Front-end developer

Once the UX specialist identifies the users’ needs, and the UI specialist determines the best visual way to solve those needs, the front-end developer codes those designs.

The core skills in this professional profile are programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

UX/UI Salary Range

Salaries in this career field vary widely depending on the experience required and especially geographic location.

In this type of profile, Salary based on level of experience required.

In addition, formal certification and continuing education can contribute to increased salaries.

according to, high-level leadership or specialist profiles can reach salaries of up to €80,000 in Spain. While in the field of design, the salary ranges between 30,000 and 45,000 euros.

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Artificial Intelligence in UX/UI

The relationship between UX/UI and AI is becoming increasingly closer, resulting in the emergence of… More personalized and intuitive user experiences. AI is used to analyze behavioral patterns and anticipate user needs, leading to personalized experiences in real-time.

Additionally, incorporating technologies such as voice or image recognition allows users to interact with the product in a more natural way.

he Generative design in artificial intelligence It can help in creating multiple options for a particular product or website. Using these tools, designers can optimize and fine-tune their creations more efficiently.

Adobe XD, Blender, and Figma are some of the tools that, when combined with AI extensions, include creative functions that let you explore different designs automatically.

If you are thinking about directing your professional profile towards this field,… Virtual professional advisor for Fundación TelefónicaFor free, you can recommend the most suitable training so you can direct your steps towards the world of experience or user interface.