August 16, 2022

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YouTube is trying a new download option to watch videos offline

YouTube is testing a new feature, which will benefit those who always want to have content available to watch, even when offline.

No, it’s not the current functionality to download videos to watch offline, but YouTube implements a new dynamic to always get content to watch offline from Android.

New option to watch YouTube content when you are offline

If you are a YouTube Premium user, you will know that one of its functions allows you to download any video to watch offline from your account library. And now he wants to enhance this dynamic with a new add-on for offline downloading.

The YouTube team calls this feature Smart Downloads, and it promises to automatically download about 20 videos per week using WiFi. You won’t be in control of these videos, these are YouTube’s weekly recommendations.

Until now, Youtube It offers the option to download recommended videos manually, but with this new function, the process will be automatic. And just like the videos you download from YouTube to watch offline, you’ll see that those downloads are also saved in the Library section.

An option that can be fun for those who never want to run out of content to watch on YouTube, without having to rely on their connection or mobile data usage. Of course, it’s an option that you can activate and deactivate at any time.

If you are premium, and want to know if it is available in your account, just go to your profile, look for your Premium Benefits section and choose the Try New Features option. Among the proposals, you will find the “Smart Downloads” function.

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This beta feature will be available until February 14, after which we’ll have to wait to see if YouTube decides to implement it permanently for premium subscribers.