December 4, 2021

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'You've been Rania in the ratings': Carla Giraldo talks 'MasterChef Celebrity' again and admits having 'connection' with Jorge Rausch

‘You’ve been Rania in the ratings’: Carla Giraldo talks ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ again and admits having ‘connection’ with Jorge Rausch

Despite the fact that the MasterChef Celebrity program has already ended, many of those who participated in the program continue to talk about their experiences in the kitchens. This was the case of Carla Giraldo, winner of the competition and one of the most controversial celebrities.

The actress and model produced all kinds of opinions after interviewing the comedian known as ‘Luchito’ and posting his video on his Instagram profile. There, Carla talked about her “las 4 babys” group, Marbelle, Catalina Maya and Vina Machado, and made it clear that she did not know who the famous person named that group was.

“That was the show the comedians were on, because ‘las 4 babys’… started because I don’t even know who put us like that; we made a patch, we got along so well, we had an affinity that we didn’t have with any of the others, neither with Gregorio- Bernia- nor with Ernesto-Calzadella- nor with Lorna-Cepeda-“ Noting that once the group was created, they caused discord among the group of comedians, made up of Liss, Diego Camargo and Frank Martínez.

In the middle of the conversation, the interviewer talked about the controversy that Giraldo raises every weekend and whether they “end it” with what is broadcast on television and the reactions on social media. The actress came out and said: “I do not feel that they have killed me (…) I do no harm to anyone, I laugh at the bad and the good” He said his mistake was not to deal with humor that was harsh for many within the program, and thus to get into disagreements with other contestants.

One of the things Carla made clear, commented extensively on every broadcast of the show, and especially on Twitter, was Chef Jorge Rauch’s clear preference for his preparations. The host asked him if it was true that they went out together.

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The actress replied “Of course! We were leaving…the sign up and got into his car (…) what happened was that yes, there was contact not only with Jorge, with-Chistian- Carpentier and with Nicolás -de Zubiría-“ But he admitted that, contrary to what was seen on television, the man from Bogotá was well aware of Frank’s development.

Of course, they always said ‘Guess who the ranking queen is?’ “ Giraldo was proud, and confirmed this label, noting that she alone attracted such a large part of the audience.

Finally, she revealed that they called Frank at the last minute to participate in ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ and thought she was one of the first contacted, giving her time to study cooking. I knew nothing, but I devoted myself to it.

It should be noted that Carla Giraldo stood out during the competition in the way she prepares sweets; It was one of the techniques I used “Follow the recipe (…) if you follow it, you will come out perfect”, is over.

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