March 1, 2024

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4 addictive books for women over 40 that will hook you from the first page of a fall afternoon

4 addictive books for women over 40 that will hook you from the first page of a fall afternoon

With this cold weather, the desire to go out decreases; The only thing we want is to stay at home with a lot of movies and series, moreover, if you love books, having an afternoon in front of you with many free hours is the best thing you can enjoy, relax and become cultural. Big way.

Today we want to present a selection of four very special books, which women over 40 will particularly enjoy. All four are written by women, so everything stays home, and there are all kinds of genres: essays, psychological thrillers, memoirs… with female protagonists.

One is a woman meditating after caring for her sick parents; A rich maid hides her true identity; An actress who cut her teeth in a gulag-sized hell, and finally, a work in which great forgotten artists are restored. enjoy it!

1) “Theme parks are also closed” (Angeles Caballero)

We begin with a shocking book, one that gives you chills because you identify as closely as possible with the book being told and one that is so well and carefully written that it can be read in one sitting. Ángeles Caballero’s first novel is… “Theme parks close too” (Arpa editors), A tribute to the sense of family as a protective focus. The book, written as a result of the illness of the author’s parents, tells the story of how Angeles went from the youngest member of the house – carefree and easy-going – to the head of the family – with her fears, disappointments and devotion. It includes. -. An intimate, bittersweet story that weaves together the ins and outs of a middle-class Spanish family.

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2) “Memoirs of an Actress in a Gulag” (Tamara Petkevich)

Her name certainly doesn’t sound familiar to you, but Tamara Petkevich (St. Petersburg, 1920-2017) was an important stage actress in Russia in the 1950s and 1960s. She was born into a Bolshevik Party family, when she was 17 years old. His father was a victim of the Grab Purge, which turned his family into “enemies of the people.” Thus she ended up being sentenced to seven years in prison with hard labor in a labor camp. What she tells is a real hell on earth, punctuated by all kinds of tasks: production supervisor in a factory, member of a quarry brigade, nurse… But it was also in the labor camps where her career began, she tells us. . in “Memoirs of an Actress in a Gulag” (Periférica & Errata Naturae), A book that is as painful as it is impressive.

3) “The Maid” (Frieda Macfadyen)

A modern-day literary phenomenon, recently released in Spanish is an addictive psychological thriller that will definitely leave you wanting to leave your couch and blanket. “helper” (all letters), Written by Freda McFadden It was an Anglo-Saxon bestseller and tells the story of the Winchesters’ live-in maid, responsible for picking up her daughter from school and preparing meals. The mother makes everything dirty and lies about her daughter. The husband seems overcome with grief. But she “goes out” for a few days, tries on one of her mother’s gorgeous dresses… and gets discovered. The thing is, the Winchesters don’t know who the maid really is.

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4) “The Dispossessed” (Angeles Caso)

“The Dispossessed” (Lumin) It is the second part of The Forgotten, a project that recovers creative women of the 18th and 19th centuries who were left in the shadows. They were very creative and determined women, true heroines of their time who broke the norms of their time. For example, painters such as Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, and scholars such as Ada Lovelace; early feminists such as Mary Wollstonecraft; writers like Mary Shelley, the Brontës, or Emilia Bardot Bazin; Impressionists like Berthe Morisot or Camille Claudel…