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December quarter 2023: date, time and how to see from Mexico

December quarter 2023: date, time and how to see from Mexico

the The moon is waning It will be the first stage of December The year 2023 will illuminate the sky and dazzle its fans Astronomical phenomenain AS Mexico You will know the exact date it will occur and which zodiac sign it will affect.

Did you know? The Moon is the only natural satellite closest to Earth, and is located at a speed of 384,400 kilometers per hour It is the fifth largest satellite recorded in the solar system. Every month is different moon phases, Some can be seen with the naked eye, others require the use of a telescope.

Date and time of the last quarter of the moon December 2023

the First lunar phase of December 2023, it will happen then Tuesday 5 DecemberCompatible with The moon is waning; Fans of astronomical phenomena living in Mexico’s 32 entities will be able to appreciate this event, as long as weather conditions permit.

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It will be on the night of December 5, when the first lunar phase can be seen, which will affect the people of Earth. zodiac sign virgo, With good intentions and new lessons for the last month of 2023.

Origin and meaning of the last quarter moon

Last quarter of the moon It is the seventh lunar phase It is different from the crescent, according to astronomers This lunar phase begins its rise at 0:00 It reaches its maximum fullness between six and seven in the morning, so it is often visible with the naked eye and in broad daylight.

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Its density decreases at 12:00 noon. Which means that this satellite can be seen for a few days at dawn and in broad daylight. An interesting fact that you probably did not know is that the last quarter of the moon They usually appear at higher altitudes Within months September and November, and less often in March and May.

Tips for seeing the first lunar phase of December

  • Choosing an area with completely clear skies, away from major cities, is the best option.
  • Factors that can affect inability to visualize or lack of visualization are pollution, cloudy skies due to meteorological factors, or rain.
  • Professional cameras or telescopes can be used, but it is not necessary to estimate the phenomenon 100%.

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Do not miss it! Moon phases for December 2023

  • Tuesday 5 December: The waning quarter moon with influence on Virgo.
  • Tuesday 12 December: The new moon affects Sagittarius.
  • Tuesday 19 December: The influence of the crescent moon on Pisces.
  • Wednesday 27 December: Full moon affecting Cancer.

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