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The story behind the strange gift Renato Gaucho gave to Luis Suarez

The story behind the strange gift Renato Gaucho gave to Luis Suarez

Renato Gaucho, coach Association, surprised Luis Suarez In the press conference after the match against Vasco da Gama he gave the Uruguayan a gift that he “promised” in January, a kind of “legendary object” in Brazilian football folklore.

The Tricolor team won 1-0 this Sunday on the 37th date of the Brazilian League 2023 with a goal from Suarez.who played his last home match at the Arena do Gremio, knowing that his team will end the season on Wednesday against Fluminense at the Maracanã for the final day.

After the meeting, President Alberto Guerra thanked Pistolero for his time at the Gaucho Club and gave him a plaque and a shirt bearing the number nine and the Uruguayan’s name in gold. Then Antonio Brom, current vice president, spoke, and then it was the turn of coach and former footballer Renato Gaucho.

The coach appreciated the fans’ support for the wonderful celebration that Suarez deserved in his last match at the Arena do Gremio, and stressed that it was a pleasure to work with the Uruguayan. Then he surprised everyone present by pointing out: “And Louis, when you have a little time on vacation, you can watch this DVD.”

At the time, Renato Portaluppi released a DVD of his career goals, having played at professional level between 1979 and 1999.

The Uruguayan striker, who received the gift with laughter and applause, was able to form a very special relationship with the Brazilian coach and they both exchanged different jokes. For example, the striker noted on ESPN Brazil a few weeks ago: “Renato told me that he played more than me, but he didn’t score more goals than me.”

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But beyond this good relationship, the “Renato Puck” story was created many years before Suarez arrived at Gremio.

Curiously, it all also originated in a match between Gremio and Vasco da Gama in the Brazilian League, which in this case was played on December 6, 2020.

In the 80th minute of the match, which the Tricolors won 4-0, footballer Pepe was substituted minutes after wasting a clear scoring chance trying to score over the opposition goalkeeper, and when he went to the substitute bench, Renato told him: “I will send you the puck.” My DVD.”

The situation, which was broadcast on television, was widely commented on throughout Brazilian football, and was a constant source of jokes among fans of all clubs.

However, former Brazilian striker Washington, who retired in 2010, revealed in a conversation with ESPN.com.br In December 2020, the coach was already joking with his DVD when he was coach of Fluminense during the 2008 CONMEBOL Libertadores, a competition in which the Rio team lost the final to Liga de Quito.

“When we missed a goal or couldn’t score, Renato would come to me and say: ‘I know you’re a great goalscorer, but watch more of my DVD and you’ll score goals again.’ Then, when I started scoring goals again, he said: ‘” See? ‘I told you, you’ve seen my DVD, I’m sure,'” Washington said espn.

On 28 December 2022, the coach was asked if Suarez’s arrival at Gremio had already been finalized and if he had already shown him his DVD. DT indicated that some details were still missing regarding the attacker’s arrival and did not want to answer the second question.

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Pistolero’s signing became official three days later, and in his presentation (January 4) the Uruguayan striker was asked if he was able to see Renato’s DVD. He replied, “No, I didn’t get his video.”

On January 16, one day before Gremio won the Recopa Gaucha Cup final 4-1 against São Luiz with a Suarez hat-trick, Renato expressed: “As for the DVDs, I told him a few days ago that it is not like that.” I think it’s ready yet. I spoke to him and said: “Luis, let me tell you something, if I were you in Barcelona with Messi, Neymar, Iniesta… I would have scored more than a thousand goals in one tournament and I would have surpassed Pele.”

Finally, Suarez’s exciting performance and his wonderful relationship with Renato meant that everyone was able to at least see the famous DVD box, a gift that also confirms the special and close bond that the coach tries to generate with his players through jokes and jokes, even when they are players of the size of the Uruguayan.