June 23, 2024

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6 months in hospital

6 months in hospital

Concerned about the health condition of the well-known Telesenko personality: 6 months in hospital

Melissa Pinto was one of the most prominent contestants on one of the editions of Temptation Island. Her high-profile split from Tom Bruce, her then-partner with whom she starred on the popular reality show, was one of the most talked-about plots on the networks.

Due to her partner’s infidelity, remember that Bruce fell into temptation with Sandra Becca, Melissa Pinto escaped and sneaked into the boys’ villa to ask her now ex-partner for explanations.

However, the influencer’s fear was of little use, as it all blew up and the pair ended up parting ways in a cruel blaze of relief.

Years later, the couple rebuilt their lives separately, devoting themselves to social networks and reality shows.

Away from her professional projects, the young Catalan woman is back in the news again after she told her followers about the health problem that led to her ending up in the hospital for 6 months.

health problem

Melissa Pinto was hospitalized for six months. Who was a contestant on the “Survivors” program and also a participant in the “Temptation Island” program, spoke for the first time about this stage of her life and revealed the health problem due to which she was forced to turn the medical center into her home medical center for half a year.

The 32-year-old Barcelona influencer spoke about something very personal to her. He did so with his Instagram followers, which already number more than 1.1 million. Although the former tronista of “Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa” has been known for many years, this fact greatly surprised some of her fans, because it is something that not all of her fans know. In a sporadic and completely normal way, Marko Panosyan’s partner has now explained that she was hospitalized for six months.

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A health problem forced him to turn the hospital into his home for half a year. This is what she told her followers on social media: “I stayed in the hospital for six months because of what happened to my kidneys (I had to undergo surgery). Although it may not seem like that, I am only two years old.” Awful, because I look older, right? The truth is that I should be grateful for how much they care about me at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu…”

It’s a bit of a bittersweet phase, but now it’s a reminder to Melissa Pinto of how hard her parents try to make her happy in those sensitive moments. “My mother, who was there with me for six months, and my father, who went to the Costa Brava every day to work and came to see me,” said the woman who was Tom Bruce’s partner before her time on ‘Temptation Island’, where they broke off their relationship (although they… They later gave themselves a second chance, which did not last long.)