June 23, 2024

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Cristiano Ronaldo reveals what is the “secret of his longevity”

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals what is the “secret of his longevity”

Lisbon – Secret Cristiano Ronaldo’s longevity on the field is ‘a lot of dedication and hard work’As revealed this Tuesday In an interview with UEFA, the Portuguese striker himselfis about to compete in his sixth place Euro Cup.

“If a player wants to live long, he must have great adaptability and the necessary characteristics for that. That’s what I tried to do. It’s no coincidence that he has been playing at the highest level for 20 years.” Cristiano said.

“Maintaining this performance is very difficult. Only with a lot of dedication and hard work can these numbers be achieved,” he added.

Despite his long and successful career, Cristiano Ronaldo, 39, stated that “there are always things to improve”.

“I think I’m a complete player, but there are always things I can master. As I get older, you discover that there are things we weren’t good at in the past, and we also start to lose some abilities, so it’s important to try to adapt.” Comment.

Cristiano, a former Real Madrid player and currently at Al-Nassr Saudi Arabia, will play his sixth European Championship in Germany, more than any other player in history, which makes him feel “proud.”

He said: “I am very excited, because it shows the length of my career, however, it is nothing more than a chapter of what Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved in football.”

to choose For Cristiano, Portugal, led by Spanish coach Roberto Martinez, is considered a team “with incredible talent.” “It will give a lot of joy to the fans.”

The group he leads on the pitch has “all the ingredients to win” the 2024 European Cup and repeat the achievement achieved in 2016, although he prefers to “proceed step by step, match by match.”

He pointed out, “Now our feet are on the ground, but our minds are in the sky to look and see that it is possible to win the European Championship.”

The ‘Alquinas’ captain also spoke about how he sees himself as a leader and stated that he wants to “be a player who helps others” and someone who his teammates can “admire, be seen as a role model and be a good person.” professional.”

He added, “I like to be a role model, as I usually say. I don’t talk much, but I like to show them who I am.”

Cristiano will return to action on Tuesday to play Portugal’s final preparatory match against Ireland.

In Germany, Portugal plays in Group F, alongside the Czech Republic, Turkey and Georgia.