June 28, 2022

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7 Unusual Business Ideas We Found in Other Countries |  Photo Galleries

7 Unusual Business Ideas We Found in Other Countries | Photo Galleries

Photo Gallery. A selection of the most innovative business ideas that we have found among the major incubators in the world, according to the portal of entrepreneurs, according to the portal .

1.- A DNA-based digital twin

Predictiv is the first DNA-based digital twin that can help personalize health plans based on each person’s unique DNA structure to predict and prevent the level of risk for up to 20,000 diseases (including many rare diseases) and can simulate personal reactions to many pharmaceutical.

It’s a project founded in San Francisco based on the study of 20,000 genes. Behind the business idea is a team of genomic experts: Sajung and Sijung Yun, supported by Alejandro Brelsfoard, an experienced Chief Technology Officer, with extensive experience in startup growth, team building, and technology engineering so that Predictiv is built on academic expertise and commercial expertise with the purpose of Change the way medicine is practiced today.

Plans also include launching a large-scale health and medical data platform geared towards the world of nutrition and fitness.

2. Telephone as a Service

German company Everphone helps companies equip their workforce with smartphones and tablets in a more flexible and economical way. When employees use their mobile devices to access their work tools, they put corporate security at risk; Meanwhile, they may violate data protection laws.

Proposing Phone-as-a-Service — the rented mobile devices they are responsible for integrating into corporate IT channels — solves both of these problems, integrating cybersecurity with data protection. An idea with huge potential, given that the future of business is mobile, which helped them secure a funding round of 34 million euros to continue to grow and lead this market segment. The startup is preparing to launch in the United States.

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3. – Lab-made cowhide

The fashion industry is reinventing itself at a forced pace to avoid wasting the natural resources involved in the current form of production. If we are used to a variety of fabrics made from recycled rubber or plastic, now is the time to develop products that avoid animal slaughter to produce leather: ethical leather.

VitroLabs operates this line, which makes skins from bovine, ostrich and crocodile cells. Lab skins made from stem cells and tissue engineering that are later turned into leather and are a more environmentally friendly alternative to plant-based skins, which are often petroleum-based and lose skin quality. It is, in short, a proposal that called for the replacement of a large part of the existing leather industry.

4. – A framework for artistic murals in NFT

NFTs are conquering more and more consumers by allowing artists and collectors to exchange digital works. There are all kinds of them, from unique artwork created with this vision to video games and even memes. To take advantage of this growing market, consumer electronics manufacturer Netgear is releasing a new smart digital art framework for NFTs called Meural.

In the Meural Canvas II version, the digital art framework can be connected to the Metamask crypto wallet. This way, Metamask users will be able to select pieces from their digital art collection and display them on the elegant framed display.

The ultimate goal is nothing but to take advantage of the booming NFT market that is seeing the growth of buyers of all types of digital assets. However, despite sometimes paying large sums to purchase this digital art, NFT owners have no way to display it in their homes. Netgear seeks to solve this problem with this new advanced digital wall design.

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5.- Trade to put toothpaste

A promotional formula that is at least curious to be present in people’s daily lives. The founders of Hug Me created a small plastic insert that goes into toothpaste or cream bottles to help us extract their contents well. He suggested that this small space become a new advertising medium for brands. Perfect for small businesses that want to create an original business.

6.- Additive Manufacturing as a Service

What if future manufacturing included contracting to produce what we need on a monthly or annual subscription? Or do you have access to production facilities like someone who rents a SaaS?

This alternative is already possible with Ai Build’s proposal, which, thanks to a combination of artificial intelligence and 3D technology, allows companies of all sectors to have their own additive manufacturing line with unlimited access to widely use and produce your designs in your facilities. Without investing anything in any kind of hardware or software. In addition, it helps its clients with training and everything necessary so that they can get the most out of this cutting-edge technology.

7- Job interview minutes

Metaview is an artificial intelligence software that copies professional interviews conducted in employee selection processes, thus speeding up the time taken and reducing their cost. But also facilitating access to the most suitable talent for each organization, because by recording the entire process in writing, it is possible to work out the selection based on data that is sometimes hidden in the processes.