May 18, 2024

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90% can't solve this logic puzzle: What wouldn't fit this kitchen?

90% can’t solve this logic puzzle: What wouldn’t fit this kitchen?

Pay attention to finding a solution to this viral puzzle, which only 10 percent of people who tried it were able to solve.

In social networks, lately, it is common for you to encounter various viral challenges, which are a challenge to the mind and creativity. This is the next logical puzzle that 90 percent of people who tried it couldn’t solve.. Pay attention and find what doesn’t fit the kitchen.

90% fail this logic puzzle: Find what doesn’t fit the kitchen

In the next photo you can see several items in the kitchen, but one of them is not suitable. We give you a hint: you have to stare at each of the devices that appear on the table. Only 10 percent of people were able to find a solution to the visual puzzle. Can you be one of them?


In the event that you find the item that does not suit you, we congratulate you, because you are one of the few who managed to solve this viral challenge without problems. However, if you can’t stay calm, we offer you the solution.

Logical puzzle solution: what does not fit in this kitchen?

If you can’t find what doesn’t go with this kitchen shown in the visual puzzle, don’t worry, we offer you the solution here.. The object you have to look for is hidden inside the toaster, exactly inside the box with the white border that highlights its location. Here below we indicate where they are.


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What is a viral challenge

Viral Challenge is an entertainment alternative for users who browse social networks and have free time. It consists in finding a person, animal, object or number in an image. Some have a time limit and some don’t.

What is the logic of the puzzle

Logic puzzles are games in which puzzle solving can be accessed through reasoning and intuition. It is a form of entertainment not based on prior knowledge, but rather a mental exercise of reading between the lines of data provided in the description.

What is an intellectual challenge?

It is a series of activities, which can be in different subjects, such as mathematics, riddles, the relationship of things, among others. The purpose is to interest people in finding answers in a playful way, as well as allowing us to apply basic knowledge we have learned at a particular point in our lives.

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