June 25, 2022

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A cinema just for you, LG showcases its throne with a curved OLED panel that rotates |  technology

A cinema just for you, LG showcases its throne with a curved OLED panel that rotates | technology

LG continues to prepare for CES 2022 and has just made one of the most ambitious bets for those who want their throne of content viewing.

LG usually takes advantage of this time of year to deliver its most ambitious and impressive launches. He doesn’t know yet how things will go CES 2022 that started to falter Through the new wave of infections, but LG has already shown portable TV with battery square screen…and now something much bigger.

There are many images that can come to mind when we see the new and ambitious TV presented by LG, such as Scorpion Chair Cluvens IW-SK. In this case, the proposal needs a lot of space because it is a file Curvo . OLED Panel Installed in a frame that even includes a reclining chair.

This painting is very large for her 55 inches tall and only five feet tall From a user’s point of view to provide an immersive experience the curvature of the panel attempts to amplify it.

LG TVs have excellent value for money and are one of the standard brands in the sector. If you are considering buying a TV, here are all the devices it sells arranged by price range.

In addition, the wonderful team boasts Seat and panel speakers, Cinema OLED (CSO), as shown in the edge, which makes the screen itself vibrate.

The board can also be rotated and Switch from portrait to landscape with a simple button What is on the armrest. At LG they assert that it is about “The perfect focal length for anyone so you can have the perfect viewing experience“.

Right now, they hardly explained anything else about this throne It’s not a product for sale yet, but it’s a concept They are working forward, but they are taking advantage of the CES 2022 framework to promote.

In this case, talking about pricing and availability would be a guess as we don’t have any information about it. The fact is that LG has shown some novelties in which it is working and It remains to be seen if any of them will make the move soon and show themselves to the public Or at an event to find out more details about it.

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