June 25, 2022

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A Cuban woman was arrested in Florida for locking up the old man she was taking care of and buying his house for $1

A Cuban woman was arrested in Florida for locking up the old man she was taking care of and buying his house for $1

Mabel Bastida, a 44-year-old woman of Cuban origin, accused of abusing and imprisoning an elderly man who cared for and Using a power of attorney on their behalf to purchase the victim’s Palm Springs home for just $1.

In July, the victim suffered a stroke and a heart attack. When he got home from the hospital, Bastida helped the elderly man who was in a wheelchair. The man agreed because he had no family nearby, according to local media, referring to police sources.

The woman made the old man sign power of attorney documents to manage his bank account and then locked him in a room in the house, with no food at all.

The investigation began in August, when agents received a tip-off from two neighbors alleging that Bastida may have abused the old man.

With a deed signed by the victim, Bastida bought the house worth thousands of dollars for one dollar.

Although the victim was unable to drive, the investigators said so Bank statements showed transactions at several companies, including the nail salon, McDonald’s, Home Depot, Walmart and Dollar Store.

Once the authorities questioned the victim, the old man said that Bastida had taken all his credentials, a bank card, house keys and his cell phone.

He also said that the woman locked him in a bedroom and that Most of the time he didn’t eat breakfast and sometimes he only had lunch or dinner, depending on when Bastida brought him something to eat.

Investigators also determined that Bastida moved into the victim’s master bedroom and moved him to a smaller bedroom, where she placed a latch on the outside of the door.

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In August, a lawyer appointed by the other neighbors submitted documents to revoke Bastida’s power of attorney.

The woman removed her belongings from her home but continued to harass, intimidate and threaten the victim. She even confronts him through the fence of the house to tell him that she will not get her home back.

Finally, officers in Palm Springs, Palm Beach County, arrested Mabel Bastida on charges of gross abuse of an elderly or disabled person, abuse of seniors worth $50,000 or more, kidnapping and stalking.

Cuban remains in the Palm Beach County Jail on a $277,000 bond.

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