July 2, 2022

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A full moon eclipse in Scorpio connects us to the need for a profound transformation in our lives.

A full moon eclipse in Scorpio connects us to the need for a profound transformation in our lives.

Last week we witnessed very important events in astrology: Mercury’s second retrograde of the year and the transit of Jupiter in Aries have generated a sharp movement in the direction of energy since last Tuesday. We have taken a step out of sheer inactivity, as the full moon eclipse in Scorpio on May 15 and 16 connects us to the need to make a profound transformation of our lives evident.

Heaven will spare no resources to test us during this eclipse season. Having already gone through the first eclipse in Taurus on April 30, the beginning of the week will be marked by the second event of the season: the full moon in Scorpio, which we had during midnight Sunday and early Monday morning, has not happened in this sign and position in nine years.

This eclipse season was marked by recognition and detachment. They were moments of great connection, but they were also moments of great disappointment. Many of the things we were so excited about ended up being disappointed, which means a costly moment in feelings and energies. It may not have been what we expected life after the pandemic to actually be.

These movements have also called us to make changes and bring about profound reflections, even though whale waters did not allow us to understand much of where things were going at the time. The awakening of this eclipse is a tremendous mobilization for us to begin to perform a new cycle in our lives.

Active confusion, which will force us to take a direction even if we don’t know where we are going, is part of the manifestation of this change. The energies of Aries and Gemini that are so present in this eclipse will help us understand and move with confidence what we need to move.

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This eclipse will emphasize Scorpio themes, which relate to our psychological processes, traumas, wounds, and signs left by the past; Shared resources and energies with others, as well as sexuality, fears, and power relationships.

As the full moon reflects our unconscious world and illustrates what began in a previous cycle, we will see a tremendous manifestation in relation to things that began in November 2021. Anything born in those moments will bear fruit, recognition, or transformation. Important.

During this eclipse, we will perceive as if something about our reality is over. We might shut down the emotional cycles of deep data, work on our greatest fears or encounter something that causes us a lot of uncertainty. Aryan fires, which are very present in this eclipse with three planets in this sign, will help us firmly face what the shadow shows us.

These are times to discover secrets, listen to what the heart has to say, heal and be able to let go of facts that no longer fit what we don’t want to be. This eclipse can represent a major emotional cleansing, but it will also activate a lot of power.

Take care of yourself and take care of your card. The processes we go through are intense and drastic, so you will need a lot of rest and time to yourself. Prioritize your quality time with yourself, and avoid people who drain your energy, and who can’t recognize your fragility. These are moments of comfort and closure, as well as the entry of important people into our lives.

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The presence of Saturn in Aquarius calls us to care about how we say things to ourselves, what we hold on to and why, and what is really behind everything we do. If you are currently in a healing process, this eclipse can help you heal many things.

Be wary of power struggles, using the other’s weaknesses to your advantage, what recklessness can lead you to do. Everyone will handle their shadow to the best of their ability this time around and there will be no way to return the energy.

This eclipse will most affect those who have planets or points from their birth chart in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). They will experience deep rest periods that will lead them to bear the burden in a better way.

If you have a birthday this week, this year you will give up something that no longer belongs to you. Heal your bloodline and eat your vegetables.