June 23, 2024

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A man and a little girl trapped inside a car were rescued from a swimming pool in Florida

A man and a little girl trapped inside a car were rescued from a swimming pool in Florida

A man and a young girl were rescued after the car they were traveling in fell into a swimming pool in North Lauderdale, Florida, last Friday.

The 76-year-old man, the owner of the house where the pool is located, and one of the detectives who was passing by the place removed the occupants of the car. Channel 7 News Miami reported.

The accident occurred at Southgate Avenue and Southwest 71st Street on Friday afternoon after the driver of a silver Ford Explorer crashed into a wooden fence and ended up in a swimming pool.

“We heard a huge noise. I thought lightning had struck the side of the house,” homeowner William Marts said. “I went up to look at it and it looked like a tidal wave on the other side of my pool.”

When he entered the swimming pool, he noticed that the driver “was breathing.” He was drooling, but at least he was breathing,” and that “there was a little girl in the back of the car.”

The owner and informant broke the Explorer’s window and pulled the driver and girl out, and paramedics then took them to the hospital for treatment and are expected to recover.

Hours later, dive teams tied the SUV into the Marts pool, which is only five feet deep, lifted it and took it away.

William Mart also had to go to the hospital because he suffered a high blood pressure attack.

The owner said he was tired of cars crashing into his property and now his wife and granddaughter need more work.

“We’ve been asking for a concrete fence with some rebar to stop it for years,” his wife said.

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Last July, a woman She was safely rescued from her car after she drowned in a pond. In an apartment complex in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida.

TJ Yarborough was the good Samaritan who jumped into the water and pulled the young woman out of the car, after she drove herself to the communal swimming pool.