April 22, 2024

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A month of war in Ukraine with cities and regions completely destroyed

A month of war in Ukraine with cities and regions completely destroyed

On February 24, a Russian President Vladimir Putinlaunched his first attack in Eastern Europe causing an explosion The war in Ukraine. A month later, Ukrainian forces continued to resist some Attacks The increasing density of Russian forces against military targets and, above all, against the civilian population. Large Ukrainian cities were subjected to intense and intense bombardment by the Russian armed forces, while Diplomacy still Great Western Hope

cities like MariupolAnd the Kharkiv, Kyiv, Irbin or ChernigovAnd the Vladimir Putin’s forces flatten it. The coastal city of Mariupol is The most affected city in the war in Ukraine. Residential neighborhoods have been reduced to shreds, and the lives of the civilian population No electricity, no light, and a shortage of food and medicine. From Red Cross They called it “the vision”. Kyivthe main objective of the Kremlin, is to resist so that the enemy does not reach the city center.

From Ukraine They managed to contain a Russian invasion that was planning to reach its target quickly. a month laterMr. Volodymyr Zelensky, ukrainian president, It continues to send affectionate messages to its residents and forces so that they do not lose hope in the process Calls for more support and assistance from the international community. The horrors of war caused More than 10 million trips in Ukraine to escape bombs and bullets. More than 3.6 million of civilians refugees Since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

heroic resistance

While the international community punished with harsh economic sanctions against Russia, The Ukrainian army demonstrated an amazing ability to withstand the massive attacks of the Russian military giant. Logistics differences between the two countries is bad, but thanks Shipment of weapons from the West With the courage of the Ukrainian forces, she was able to contain Putin’s desire to invade for a month.

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This Thursday there NATO emergency summit To address the war in Ukraine from Brussels. The US President Joe BidenAlready exists Europe with his allies. The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, It stressed weeks ago that it would not interfere in any way in the war, unless a member state was attacked.

Hope for peace in Ukraine rests with diplomatic efforts, Although the peaceful outcome seems far away. The Russian and Ukrainian delegations continue their contacts to negotiate terms for ending the war, although they have great contacts Different.

Bombing and siege of civilians

Only a few days passed when Russia changed its strategy in the war. They moved from attacking military buildings to residential neighborhoods. The conflict leaves horrific images, buildings reduced to rubble, streets empty, trees under ashes, Hospitals The targeting of educational centers and the killing of thousands of civilians as a result of the Russian siege. The international community accused Russia of committing war crimes in Ukraine.

Because of the Russian blockade on the population, Ukraine was conquered Human corridors To evacuate the civilian population from the most besieged areas. Attacks by the Russian armed forces continue to spread across the country to cities that were not attacked even for a few days like group. The international community is looking for a key mediator to bring peace to Ukraine and has repeatedly asked for it China Take a stand in the conflict.