April 22, 2024

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A new apple variety from New Zealand

A new apple variety from New Zealand

Introducing Bosch™, a New Zealand apple. “Elegant, crisp and with a hint of honey”, this apple is made a premium choice for apple lovers.

Next Generation Apples has introduced Posh™, one of the latest apple varieties developed through the Aotearoa New Zealand breeding program, conducted by Plant and Food Research and marketed by Brewer.

The first container of Posh™ hit the Canton market this week, with small commercial quantities available from Taylor Corporation and Golden Bay Fruit.

The parents of Posh™ apples are Honeycrisp and Sciros. “What’s really interesting about Posh™ is, from a grower’s point of view, it has the smooth texture and flavor of Honeycrisp, but it’s so easy to grow,” says Evan Heywood, CEO of Next Generation Apples. “Part of the process of creating new varieties includes eliminating inherent defects and crossing them to improve taste and appearance, and in this case, plant and food research has achieved all three. The yield of a tree is high. The size of the fruit and its good color.

Next Generation Apples holds the exclusive global license to grow and market the variety and has planted 50 hectares between its growers to date. The company is also looking for independent growers interested in participating in the Commercial Cultivation Pilot Program.

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