May 17, 2022

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A new game is now available on Xbox Game Pass arriving at launch

Among the many news about Activision, it should not go unnoticed A new game is now available on Xbox Game Pass. The new action RPG game Nobody Saves the World was launched on January 18th on Microsoft’s flagship service. Basically, there is no way you can’t turn it on. If this is your first time hearing about the game, Nobody Saves the World is an ARPG created by the developers of Guacamele.

One of the best parts of the new game on Xbox Game Pass is how much freedom it gives you. You decide how to explore the world, what tasks you have to do and ways to proceed. When the game starts to present difficult challenges for you, you have to decide how to combine the shapes and the skills you got to beat them. There are always many ways to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

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Nobody Saves the World: The New Xbox Game Pass

In the new game on Xbox Game Pass, Nobody saves the worldYou have to start as nobody, but the point is that soon You can take other forms, such as Rat, Ghost, Dragon and much more. The world is threatened by The Calamity, and the magician who usually deals with such matters has disappeared. Nobody finds a wizard’s wand, which gives him the ability to take other forms. Soon you will solve quests, explore dungeons and unlock new skins.

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You don’t have to save the world on your own either. The new game on Xbox Game Pass has online collaborationIt also supports cross-play via Xbox Live. Choose a friend and double the fun of swapping skins, mixing skills, and dungeon crawling.

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