July 14, 2024

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A new march in Panama will demand the cancellation of the mining contract

A new march in Panama will demand the cancellation of the mining contract

On behalf of the groups, Professor Fernando Abrego specified that after the march the demonstrators would gather in Piazza 5 de Mayo, near the legislature, awaiting the approval of an article that would repeal Law 406. which has kept the country in a state of suspense for several weeks amid growing social protests.

The previous day, AN President Jaime Vargas announced that the new provision would suspend the effects of that rule protecting the agreement between the executive and the subsidiary of the Canadian transnational company First Quantum, until the result of a popular referendum emerges. Known about the topic requested by the government for next December 17.

MPs will also evaluate another draft derived from an executive decree declaring a moratorium on mineral mining and banning new concessions.

Regarding this consultation, the Electoral Court admitted that it would summon it if it was supported by an approved and approved law, and that it would be subject to the necessary time and resources, as long as conditions existed to ensure the exercise of all political rights. Rights such as security and freedom of movement.

In this regard, Government Minister Roger Tejada, who presented the initiative, indicated that it is possible and necessary, based on Article 2 of the Constitution.

The future of the contract to extend the exploitation of the open-pit copper mine in Donoso Colon, which sparked the largest public protests in decades, is now up for debate between a referendum or a declaration of unconstitutionality promoted by activists, where the role of the Supreme Court is being determined and the Supreme Court is key.

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The Secretary-General of the National Union of Construction Workers, Saul Mendez, indicated in statements to the media that there are already representatives who have ratified the contract and are apologizing to the people, hence our call to remain in the streets and tighten the closures. He pointed out the ways until the defeat of the charter selling the country to the Leonines.

The intensity of the protests has escalated since last October 23, three days after the adoption of the new contract law, which renews the concession for a period of 20 years, subject to extension, within just 48 hours by Parliament and the government.

For their part, the teachers announced an indefinite strike until the mining contract was cancelled, and this was beginning to be felt in the capital, most notably the suspension of medical appointments and the shortage of food in the markets due to road blockages.