November 30, 2023

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A six-year-old boy was used by a family gang to steal jewelry in Miami-Dade

A six-year-old boy was used by a family gang to steal jewelry in Miami-Dade

A family of Roman origin used a Child under 10 years old For committing the theft of jewelry from the elderly, she was arrested and taken to TGK County Prison Miami-Dade CountyAccording to reports from Local press..

The criminals who have been identified are Abrinquer Miclescu and Cristina SerboThey were in the crosshairs of police authorities due to repeated complaints, including new charges that surfaced at the time of arrest, police officials said.

A minor who is currently in custody Department of Children and FamilyOfficials say that this crime was part of the strategies used by this family gang and its goal was to arouse compassion among the victims.

His modus operandi was to approach his victims, who were almost always elderly people, and offer them a gold chain, which led to the fraud. “When the victims told her they were not interested, the woman also removed the (original) chain from the victim,” explains a Hialeah Police Department spokesperson. Eddie Rodriguez.

But the way he behaved was also changing. The officer adds: “They often changed the story, that I needed to buy gasoline and medicine, and some people also needed a ticket to return to their country.”

Those affected provided evidence to support the accusations against these beneficiaries, including video recordings of the criminal acts.

Although the police were not able to arrest all the members of this family gang, because one of them managed to escape, they said that they are connected to operations outside of Miami-Dade, “also in Broward, and they are even in the south,” they added, adding that “Florida is for this season, but they were heading as well.” To New York.

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“We know they were renting different cars,” police warned.

The police, who kept the detainees at the Hialeah Police Department until they were transferred to TGK, had them in their possession 50 luxury gems Which was part of the stolen goods that were in the possession of the criminals.

Elder scams are a frequent occurrence in Miami. Last August Two women were taken to prison After an 82-year-old man was conned out of his assets, including a house.

Nerlis Leyva, 45, and Rita Bennett, 59, are charged with exploitation and theft of a person over the age of 65, an organized scheme to commit fraud, criminal use of personal certification information of a person over the age of 70, unlawful use of a forged document and notary defraud. , among other charges.

Also, when it comes to insurance, seniors should take many precautions. Last September Authorities arrested four alleged fraudsters on multiple felony charges after working together to defraud a 94-year-old Miami Gardens woman and a Citizens Insurance Agency.