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A warning from Mario Picazo of the phenomenon that will occur in 2023

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El Niño phenomenon, or simply known as boythat it Meteorological event that affects the weather on the whole planetwhich is associated with warming of the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean.

The first time this phenomenon occurred with great intensity was in 1982. It was also marked by the catastrophic toll it took in different parts of the planet, as it manifested itself in different ways. prolonged bouts of dehydrationin turn contrasted with heavy rainfall and flooding As a result, food shortages and diseases. The most recent, which occurred in 2017, mainly affected Peru and Ecuador.

For the period 2023-24, another bout of El Niño is expected which could be as intense or even more intense than it was 41 years ago. This was reported on his Twitter account by the meteorologist Mario Picazo. In 1982, Earth witnessed the birth of one of the most intense El Niño phenomena ever recorded. In 2023 we will see another similar one that could become the same or more severe than it was 41 years ago.He said in the first place. However, he did highlight the distinct difference between the two.

Picasso hinted at Today’s ocean temperature rise, due to its effect on both the climate and the species that inhabit it. “All oceans are warmer. This has a huge impact on the climate of the planet and the species that live on it, including humans, ”he later confirmed. In the words of AEMET, this phenomenon represents “the largest variation ever seen in the Earth’s climate system.”

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WMO warning

The most recent report on the matter from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), reported by AEMET last May, issued this notice: “You have to get ready.”. This was indicated by the WMO Global Centers for the Production of Long-Range Forecasts, along with an evaluation by a panel of experts There is a 60% chance that the “neutral conditions” are related boy Develop and establish An episode of these properties in the coming months.

It is very difficult to predict the effects of an event with these characteristics, given that “No two episodes boy Equal And its effects depend in part on the time of year,” they point out from AEMET. However, there are A similar pattern, which accompanies an increase in temperature On the surface of the ocean in the central and eastern parts of the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

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