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A year of salvation for Guillermo and Maxima de Holland in 5 gestures and a coup

A year of salvation for Guillermo and Maxima de Holland in 5 gestures and a coup

In mid-October last year there was the greatest The crisis experienced by the royal family in the Netherlands. Her love-hate relationship with the press, Argentina’s spending on clothes or De Hoys Ten Bosch repairs They could have been the subject of controversy these years, but nothing compared to The Journey of the Dutch Kings to Greece When the covid situation in your country was more than critical. with the Popularity below the lowest, they had to restore the confidence of the Dutch. This was especially The Year of Salvation from Guillermo and Máxima of the Netherlands And the various gestures with which they tried to recover lost points.

It was the first step, which was practically mandatory at the time I apologize through the video in which they realized they weren’t doing things well. Go on vacation to another country When citizens were urged not to leave the house, that was not an entirely good example. And at that moment, they saw no other way out but general apology Shows complete remorse. But, of course, this was not enough. The data was there, and if Holland wasn’t already tied to the monarchy, Guillermo and Maxima’s misstep didn’t make things easy for them. So it’s time to act.

The Kings of the Netherlands, during a video recording of the apology. (EFE)

The few restrictions that have been in the Netherlands in recent months have made it easier for the monarchs Resume the agenda almost normally Long before the other members of the royal family, there were several occasions when they took the opportunity to show that face closest to the King and his family. And other appointments that they preferred not to make, specifically so as not to provoke controversy, such as their appointment Annual trip to the ski resort of Lech, in Austria. The first of these great appointments of the year to redeem Guillermo and Máxima de Holland was Kings Day, already outside the walls of Huis ten Bosch. Statements for the whole family to the press, Dance to the beat of the music…a complete deployment to try to get the people back.

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After a brief period, Maxima from Holland is 50 years old. And if there is already a good repertoire of festivities for such a round figure, it seems that they do not want to default. Not only did the Queen open the doors to her office to be like this Interview on national TV, but it was Guillermo himself who was responsible for creating (or at least signing in his name) Official photos distributed From his wife from the palace. But the last fireworks are still missing and the whole family once again gathers in front of the press for a spectacular concert in honor of Maxima’s fifty years. Strategy or a simple family celebration?

Queen Maxima, photographed by her husband. (Dutch royal house)

But the big blow came in June. Princess Amalia, heir to the throne, I decided to give up the job He would have gotten along with him as of December 7, when he turns 18. In a letter written to Prime Minister Mark RootThe heiress said, “I find it inconvenient if I can give so little in return and other students will find it more difficult at this time of coronavirus. So, I will return the income until the end of my studies. Also, as long as I don’t have to incur exorbitant costs in my position as Princess of Orange, I will also repay the expense allowance.”

was the decision unanimously applaud. A young woman set a good example, showed tenacity, but above all sympathy for those who do not have the same, and they are many. Whether or not she was encouraged by her parents to make this decision is not officially known, but it was one of the few solutions the family could try to help. Reconciliation with people. And they were right.

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Princess Amalia, during the traditional summer pose. (EFE)

And more gestures. Plus it wasn’t a year Great stylistic performances by Maxima de HollandWe saw her making a video call barefoot, at the wheel of a truck or enjoying a call Football match with excited Guillermo, and support the Orange team. But perhaps his vacation was the most important thing. In the summer the couple returned to Greece, the place of discord. But this time it was different, since the Kings They didn’t leave their agenda completely empty As long as they adhered to some official procedures last summer, so their stay in the country this time was much shorter than on other occasions.

And we rose again in October, a year after the great Greek tragedy of Guillermo and Maxima. In 2020, they took advantage of their girls’ autumn holiday, which also coincided, to experience it Failed getaway to your Kranidi vacation home. Conditions this year were in the Kings’ favour, and although there was plenty of eye on them to see if they would repeat last year’s maneuver, that wasn’t the case. What we don’t know is whether it was done out of loyalty or commitment since then There was a possibility to go with their daughters. Princess Ariane was absent from school for a week from October 18 to 22. That is, he ended his vacation days just as he started those days Alexia at UWC Atlantic College.

Alexia, Amalia, and Ariane. (Cordon Press)

So, with a very good eye and to avoid suspicion, King William had Practically complete agenda in recent days She allowed Maxima to be the one who didn’t schedule a lot of activities over the past two weeks to be able to be with her daughters. Doubt remains, until upcoming opinion studies on the monarchy, whether Your strategy has worked. Perhaps the Dutch would prefer their annual allowance not to be too high – and increases every year– or not feel the yoke of the State Information Office – censorship, for many – when sharing pictures of their daughters on social networks, for example. Step by Step.

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