April 22, 2024

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Technology and Business: AI is the sales champion

Technology and Business: AI is the sales champion

Face appointments like CyberMondayAnd on Black Friday and the year-end holidays, the retail sector will prepare to benefit from the sales boom.

These days with a lot of competition, attracting consumers is a big challenge, but brands that invest in technology can offer them personalized offers, and generate more sales.

“Artificial intelligence is a technology that is still far from finding a ceiling. It covers from Chatbots and complex algorithms from machine learning Even computer vision”, explained Martin Malevak, Director of Research and Development at Napci. “Retailers can collect, process and analyze user information to implement strategies to attract and retain customers, improve their operations and generate more sales.”

What do we mean when we talk about artificial intelligence?

For systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks. To achieve this, it is necessary “Teach him” to the algorithm on how to respond in each case, and developers use large amounts of data for this.

A clear example is the suggestions for series and movies that streaming platforms offer to their users. To do this, they capture data from previously viewed products, those selected by other similar profiles, etc. Therefore, these platforms constantly ask us to rate addresses and tell them if we like them or not, to continue collecting information and thus improving their algorithms and suggestions.

CyberMonday is coming now

During CyberMonday, To be held on November 1, 2 and 3, consumers will look for promotions in online stores for all kinds of items.

However, the same offer or discount is not equally effective for everyone, which is why brands are investing more and more in AI solutions that allow them to segment them not only by categories such as gender, age and location, but also by users’ tastes, preferences and behavior.

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By collecting and processing data from users, retailers can “know” their customers and thus deliver what they are interested in. In this way, a better user experience, and a greater amount of sales are achieved.

How to apply this technology to e-commerce:

Web searches:

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to improve the relevance of search results within the page, according to the behavior and history of each user.

Digital windows:

Custom showcases in the online store can use artificial intelligence to display products and promotions according to each visitor’s profile.

Recommendations and suggestions:

This technology can help us promote specific products in accordance with the brand’s business strategies and past and current user behaviors.

Personalizing Email Marketing:

Automatic email campaigns can be modified by user identification based on browsing history and behavior.

– Promotions:

Through artificial intelligence, it is possible to centralize complex promotions and loyalty programs across all customer touch points, offering products related to them in the online store.