May 22, 2022

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Abarth's sin in the form of an SUV that will not materialize at the moment in Europe

Abarth’s sin in the form of an SUV that will not materialize at the moment in Europe

If the Ten Commandments are in the figure oil head Someone is sure to pray something along the lines of “You’re not going to do a sports SUV.” like that, Abarth Ignore this default table after creating what is known as Abarth Pulse Which, for now, would be bound for Brazil. But don’t be happy – or sad, depending on which way you look – so quickly, Because the pulse with the sting of the corresponding scorpion can reach Europe.

Which is that even though Abarth hasn’t said anything about it, we’re talking about a concept that has a strong reception on the Old Continent.. But for now, the Italian company is focusing its efforts on its second landing in Brazil, returning with the Abarth Pulse, a product made there with the same name. FiatFiat pulse.

Abarth Pulse, sin in the shape of a Scorpio signature SUV

The fact that this second attempt by Abarth in the Brazilian market is recent, Since then, they have been limited to sharing official photos of Pulse but without providing information about its mechanismsThe most important point of any car that dares to claim the title of sports car. Whatever the case, the aesthetics of the Abarth Pulse become suggestive enough to predict some of its interior details.

The front is raised to match the part it’s sitting in, and is coordinated by a black grille, Scorpion emblem, massive bumper and ribbed bonnet.. The side, for its part, shows off the SUV’s DNA with raised wheel arches finished in black plastic – as well as heel cups – while the rear is responsible for adding a touch of extra spice with massive defense, a double-sided outlet and a diffuser sheer decor.

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For now, the passenger compartment hasn’t been revealed, but it is expected to be a carbon copy of the Fiat Pulse with related changes that it refers to as being a descendant of the Abarth.. This means that its interior, shared with the Jeep Compass, will be adding specific seats, sports lighting, a flat-bottom steering wheel, and similar carbon fibres.

But the information about the mechanics is the most important and what we lack about the Abarth Pulse. That is, what engine will take one of the few cars intended to compete with the Ford Puma ST?

Mechanics can be shared with the Abarth 500

While Abarth keeps the mystery, we have no choice but to try to predict which hearts will be offered to trigger the Abarth Pulse. That is, as it happens with Abarth 500we can face a variety of engines with different power levels.

Extrapolating the mechanical choices of the small but Italian utilitarian bully to the Pulse, we’ll be ahead of verines 595 and 695. These engines hide the same 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine capable of delivering 165 and 180 hp respectively, numbers that fit perfectly with the new Abarth Pulse..

Whatever the case, it is clear that Abarth will manufacture the Pulse at its Brazilian factory in Betim, as well as market it exclusively and exclusively in specialty stores.. Are you coming to Europe? It’s tricky since we’re talking about a product that focuses heavily on the Brazilian market, but considering the association these parts had with the Abarth Pulse concept, the Scorpio house might not want to be left without this piece of cake.

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