May 23, 2022

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Discover the technical history of New Zealand - El Financiro

Discover the technical history of New Zealand – El Financiro

What do the brightest tech stars in New Zealand have in common, Rocket Labs, Fisher & Beckley Healthcare And xero? They are at the forefront of creating new and challenging solutions to create a better future.

Aotearoa New Zealand is the first country to see the new dawn and invites you to join the ecosystem of technology and innovation to work together towards a better tomorrow.

New Zealand has a unique perspective on how we develop technology and how we lead technology businesses. It is a vision based on Maori values ​​such as being a prisoner or being a guardian, which the world needs now more than ever. Together we must help build technology to build a better tomorrow.

New Zealand has a wonderful culture of technology and innovation, partners with the world and is at the forefront of emerging technologies. New Zealand’s technology sector is in a period of rapid growth and development. Despite the recent global challenges, the Kiwi technology industry has continued its phenomenal growth. The revenue of the top 200 technology companies has increased by 11.5% in the last 12 months.

Speaking of government-industry cooperation, it is no small matter that New Zealand’s total global digital exports grew by 23% in 2021, and we expect this sector to be the country’s leading exporter in the next decade. The Tech Story initiative is a concerted effort to further accelerate this growth by increasing the awareness and interest of the Aotearoa technology industry internationally.

Despite this growth, international research suggests that New Zealand is largely unrelated to where technology comes from. Aotearoa is well known for its Maori culture and beautiful landscapes. Tech Story, which we see tomorrow first, is designed to enhance New Zealand’s reputation as a source of world-class solutions that reflect its people, values ​​and ambitions.

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With a small population, New Zealanders are closely linked. This closeness means that technology naturally develops close to the problem it solves. This leads to a better understanding of the issues and the search for solutions that work.

The desire to collaborate and harness the potential of new technology is found throughout New Zealand in a variety of natural and business settings. Cities in the country offer technology in agricultural technology, artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology, creative technology, digital identification, education technology, financial technology, video games, health technology, Internet of Things (IoT), location technology, space, sustainability and more. .

Our view is that Tech Story will have a lasting positive impact. The strength of the integrated storytelling platform is that companies will benefit from increased awareness in global markets. It will help in business growth by attracting investment, talent and exports.

New Zealand ranks first in the world in ease of doing business, second in democracy, seventh in Asia-Pacific innovation, ninth in immigrant acceptance and 15th in sustainable competitiveness. The country’s initial investment in technology has grown by 48% in the last year and capital investment has increased by 111%. In 2021, NZ had $ 15 billion in direct investment opportunities in New Zealand.

Surprised? I assure you there are many more kiwi inventions than you think, if you want to know them, go

Julie Gill, Chief Strategic Officer, NZTech.