May 18, 2024

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AD opens Punto y ap (Arte), where contemporary art and the world of publishing meet |  Wired

AD opens Punto y ap (Arte), where contemporary art and the world of publishing meet | Wired

On May 23rd AD has inaugurated the Punto y ap (arte) exhibition, a unique and unique event that highlights the connecting bridges that have been built between the world of publishing and contemporary art. Venue: Condé Nast Publishing House.

“Art has been in my veins for 100 years,” said Katia Contreras, editorial content chief for the same publication and host of the aforementioned traveling gallery created in her presentation. In association with Curro Gallery.

The gallery features interesting works by Mexicans Daniela Libertad, Francisco Ugarte, Octavio Abóndez, Mauricio Alejo, Alejandro Almanza and Madrid creator Cristina Garrido. during A work full of symbolism that turns an everyday landscape into an extraordinary and creative experience.

When will we stop distinguishing whether the artwork was made by AI?

No one approves of the ethical uses of these tools, but one thing seems clear: discovering art made by AI is going to get more difficult, perhaps even very difficult.

The event was well attended by artists, directors, publishers and art lovers. Gathered to be part of a special event framed at the recent launch of technical issue From AD México y Latinoamérica, the magazine’s glossy May issue, which Rafael Mija, Co-Founder and Director of Grupo Habita, as Guest Editor.

This adventurous and successful proposal, which invites attendees to realize that art and the publishing world share a quest for storytelling to be part of building culture, was born when Javier Esteban, CEO of Condé Nast Mexico & Latin America, met Mexican designer and interior designer, Claudia Grajales, He proposed removing the art from the four walls of the museum to move it to the offices of the legendary publishing house.

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Attendees enjoyed an exhibition full of symbolism.Vicki Reese

The result was a temporary exhibition that, as stated by Katia Contreras, Content Lead for AD Mexico and Latin America, became an enriching experience for both the Condé Nast creative team and attendees. “It’s a great opportunity to open the doors of the place where such important titles are born in Mexico and the world,” said Contreras.