June 23, 2024

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Addressing the situation in the Middle East and Palestine at the United Nations - Prinsa Latina

Addressing the situation in the Middle East and Palestine at the United Nations – Prinsa Latina

A few hours ago, according to press reports, the Israeli army bombed the Gaza Strip for the thousandth time, an attack that coincides with the escalation of protests on the common border to denounce the siege of Tel Aviv in front of the Arab population and the increase of colonization in the West Bank.

The health authorities in the coastal sector revealed that the clashes on the line of contact wounded 11 Palestinians, three of whom were wounded by combat munitions.

According to the Israeli military, its airstrikes were targeted by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum blamed Tel Aviv for the new escalation and emphasized that it is the result of the tightening of the blockade on Gaza and the subsequent humanitarian crisis.

Israel has imposed a severe blockade on those Palestinian territories for more than 10 years, despite criticism from various international organizations of the consequences for the civilian population.

Recently, the International Committee of the Red Cross warned that 80% of Gazans live on a few hours of electricity per day.

He also pointed out that Tel Aviv’s aggression against that region last May “damaged the infrastructure and caused a significant shortage of supplies.”

The demolition of Palestinian property and Israeli expansion in the West Bank also worries organizations such as the United Nations, which has repeatedly condemned this colonial and illegal practice.

To date, the creation and recognition of a Palestinian state is one of the longest-standing issues at the United Nations, despite the fact that the State of Israel has existed for 70 years.

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Currently, the majority of the international community agrees that it is Tel Aviv that must end the colonization of the Palestinian territories in order to progress towards peace and that only a two-state solution can bring stability to the region.