June 21, 2024

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After Australia, New Zealand wants deals between the media and American giants

New Zealand wants to be inspired by Australian “rules of conduct” Facebook And Google, As an aggregator, to pay the media to resume their articles online. The aim is to save the New Zealand press from doing so badly.

Cultural Conversation
But the minister in charge of the media, Chris Fafoe, did not want to find himself in the same situation as Canberra, and faced criticism from companies targeted by its legislation. The senior official wants to support the course of the conversation, so Facebook and Google are urging him to start discussions with the national media to finalize the deals.

But Chris Fafoe did not reject a binding speech if US companies refused to negotiate. He explained that it was necessary to support the sector because of this RFI, And “To make the necessary changes to make it stronger and more sustainable in the future “.

Do not recreate the Australian situation
As a reminder, Facebook was suspended for several days Ability to share news in Australia On his social network to express his dissatisfaction. However, this did not deter the government. For its part, Google threatened Pause your search engineThis represents 95% of the market share in Australia. But, this threat was not eventually implemented.

After several weeks, the tensions subsided. Facebook also announced that it was going to inject One billion dollars in the information industry. In practice, Facebook News, a magazine content management site, pays publishers to resume their content.

Europe was a pioneer in media compensation
The EU was a pioneer in this area, with a “neighborhood right” to copyright in March 2019, forcing search engines and aggregators to pay the media to retrieve their content. In applying this law, The French media also signed Google deals.

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But the Competition Commission said recently That she did not believe in these negotiations. He believes that Google has not met the three-month deadline set to begin negotiations and has not provided all data to publishers.