June 16, 2024

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In New Zealand, the announcement of an American film about the Christchurch tragedy was not unanimous

Tribute to the victims after the Christchurch attack in New Zealand. (CARRIE NOOTEN / FRANCE-INFO)

The film is about a film about a Christchurch shooting that killed 51 people two years ago. The announcement by the American production company Film Nation sparked a wave of outrage in New Zealand, launching a petition that has already been signed by more than 70,000 people, calling for the project to be dropped. Why? Because it’s too soon to return to fiction in such a painful drama. “It’s only been two years, the wounds are still alive.”, To explain Johadi Yes, a member of the National Islamic Youth Association and who is behind this petition.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Arden will also be the title of the film with her response to the crisis. “We hope the Prime Minister has acted remarkably in the face of these attacks. The story should not focus on her, but on the stories of 51 martyrs and their families and the problems of Islamophobia that led to this tragedy.”, Confirms Sohadi Yes.

This view is also shared by the mayor of Christchurch, who warned that the group would not be welcomed in his city if a shooting took place.
So Jacinta Artern, who is at the center of the film, did not take a position as serious as Mayor Liane Doljeel, but she revealed that she has the same opinion as the petitioners. The Prime Minister said this during a press conference on Monday, June 14.

This event is still very much in our memories. More to the affected community

Jacintha Artern, Prime Minister of New Zealand

At the press conference

“I agree that the stories of March 15 should be told at some point. The story of our Muslim community should be the focus of the story. I do not think it is necessary to tell mine.” a conclu Jacinda Ardern.

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So it is a huge support for those who oppose the project and start paying for it, because on Monday, one of the producers of the film announced that he was stepping down from the project. The petitioners congratulated themselves, of course, but warned that they did not want to stop there and that they would continue to press until the film project was completely abandoned.